‘Toukiden 2’ Gameplay Allows Take On Oni With 4 Players If Missions Accepted In Command Hub

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 15, 2017 08:56 PM EDT

"Toukiden 2" publisher recently revealed new screenshots of the upcoming demon-hunting RPG for PS4 and PS Vita coupled with a new trailer. The trailer focuses on the game's extensive online features while the screenshots reintroduced the returning Holy Mount members including Kuyo, soma and Hatsuho along with several new additions.  

Introducing The All New Soul-Devouring Oni

Koei Tecmo also revealed several screenshots of Oni along with the new additions, Raizo and Shiki, iPlay PSVita reported. Slayers may also find the mysterious Portal Stones scattered throughout the Otherworld. Note that when the Portal Stones are touched, the "Toukiden 2" player will be transported to the multiplayer lobby.  

Furthermore, "Toukiden 2" players that accept missions at the Command Hub will be allowed up to four players to take on Oni throughout the Ages. This is expected to give players the upper-hand in battle provided there is coordination and teamwork. Additionally, the campaign experience also received heavy enhancements from the developers.

Apart from the main storyline missions delivered from Holy Mount, "Toukiden 2" players may also explore the immense open world and meet other Slayers for coop-Joint Operations. Take note that players who help those in need may earn a variety of rewards in the form of armor, weaponry, a new Mitama and the opportunity to form a party.

Local Ad-Hoc Rolls Out For PS Vita

Meanwhile, the "Toukiden 2" publisher further detailed several new multiplayer features being added to the game's sequel. It has been revealed that the game will feature a number of multiplayer features working on both PS4 and PS Vita with local ad-hoc network multiplayer for PS Vita. Moreover, note that in the sequel, joint operations may also be carried out offline with the assistance of Doppelgangers.

"Toukiden 2" players may also share items with other gamers by using special containers called Reliquaries. These items may be found scattered across the game's world, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. Moreover, players who donate item into the Reliquaries may also be rewarded with equal value to the donors.

Watch the multiplayer trailer below:


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