‘For Honor’: Ubisoft Threatens Cheaters Executing AFK Farming; Best-Selling Game Of February 2017

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 18, 2017 06:20 AM EDT

Ubisoft is currently is taking actions on "For Honor" players who are executing AFK farming. It is said that the game developer will permanently banned players who will not follow the game's code of conduct. Honest players have raised this issue in the "For Honor" community hoping that the game will be played with dignity and honesty.

In a report by TechnoBuffalo, AFK farming has become a popular way to join a battle and reap the benefits of the match of "For Honor" without actually having to sit at your computer. To do this, a player will set the game to join automatically and ape down a direction button on the controller. Once done, the player will then be rewarded with experience and other rewards just by running in place.

However, Ubisoft is not very happy with players who are using AFK farming since this is against Ubisoft's code of conduct. Honest players complain of characters randomly running into walls, and has been followed by Ubisoft. The company issues warnings, has already banned 1,500 players with a three-day suspension, and 4,000 players will receive further warnings if they keep on playing "For Honor" with dishonesty. Ubisoft is seriously reminding players that consistent violations cold lead to permanent ban.

In a positive note, "For Honor" was the best-selling game of February 2017 despite having only 12 days in market during the month, Venture Beat reports. The game got the number one spot for platforms Xbox and PS4.

Despite the success of "For Honor" the problem with AFK farming has yet to be resolved and Ubisoft has reminded the game's community with its values.

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