'Pokemon GO’ Guide: List Of Gen 2 Pokemon That Comes From Eggs

By Allan , Updated Feb 21, 2017 04:46 AM EST

In the recent update from "Pokemon GO", Niantic have just released a huge number of new Pokemon from Johto region not just into the wild but in eggs too. All kinds of eggs, including 2k, 5k, and 10k comes with new sets of Pokemon to hatch. So this article provides a list of all the new Pokemon a player can hatch since the last big update.

Pokemon from 2 Kilometer Eggs

Although 2KM eggs are the easiest eggs to get and to hatch in the game, that doesn’t mean the Pokemon it hatches aren’t that good. The latest update brings new and exciting Pokemon to hatch including the ones that come from 2KM. This Pokemon include Aipom, Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Pichu, Misdreavus, Remoraid, Togepi, Slugma, Cleffa, Ledyba, and Igglybuff.

Pokemon from 5 Kilometer Eggs

5 KM eggs are not as easy to get compared to 2 KM. Getting them are purely random but should be acquired after a couple of spins in one day. The Pokemon that comes with 5KM egg is more special compared the second but definitely not all of them. In the 5KM eggs, players can get Elekid, Yanma, Sneasel, Girafarig, Magby, Natu, Qwilfish, Phanpy, Shuckle, Stantler, Smoochum, Wobbufet, Tyrogue, Dunsparce, and Wooper.

Pokemon from 10 Kilometer Eggs

As for the 10 KM eggs, it takes a while to get one but the effort is worth it once the player gets a Pokemon they like. Most Pokemon that comes from this egg are rare but not all of them. The new Pokemon that hatches from 10KM eggs in “Pokemon GO” includes Gligar, Larvitar, Miltank, Mareep, Mantine, Skarmory, Pineco, and Sudowoodo.

Evolving the Pokemon

“Pokemon GO” also introduced new game items to use as a buff for the Pokemon and evolve them. This means that selected Pokemon will need specific evolution items to evolve into a more powerful monster. And the only way to find these items is to spin PokeStops and randomly pick up the items.

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