'Pokemon GO’ Guide: New In Game Items To Get For Evolving Pokemon

By Allan , Updated Feb 22, 2017 05:29 AM EST

In the latest update of “Pokemon GO”, new Pokemon and evolution items are added in the game. Players can randomly get the new in-game items by spinning each PokeStop nearby every 30 minutes. So this article will be a helpful guide for players to familiarize themselves with the new game items and what are its uses.

What are the Evolution Items in the Game

Most of the new items introduced in the game are evolution items that will assist a Pokemon change to its next evolution. However, not all evolution items can be used to any Pokemon to evolve. Each item can only assist specific types of Pokemon to evolve. As of today, the new in-game items include a Sun Stone, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, King’s Rock and the Up-grade.

Which Pokemon Can Use the Evolution Items

Starting with the Dragon Scale, Primagames report this item can only be used to evolve a Seadra to a Kindra. A King’s Rock, however, can evolve not just one but two Pokemon which includes a Poliwhirl to an alternate evolution to Politoed and Slowbrow to another alternate evolution, Slowking.

Next is the Metal Coat that also helps evolve two popular Pokemon namely Onix to a powerful Steelix and Scyther to a rare Scizor. As for the Sun Stone, the Pokemon Gloom can evolve to a new Pokemon called Bellossom and Sunkern to a Sunflora. Last but not the least is the Up-grade that can only be used to a Porygon and evolve to a Porygon 2.

Other New Items in the Game

Aside from the evolution items, Eurogamer says “Pokemon GO” also brings other new items like different berries. There used to be only one berry in the game and its used to make a wild Pokemon easier to catch. And with the latest update, new berries are introduced in the game called Pinap and Nanab. Pinap is mainly used to double the candies received when catching a wild Pokemon while the Nanab makes a Pokemon move slower to make them easier to catch as well.

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