'Destiny' Showcases New Gear For 'Age Of Triumph'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 23, 2017 12:55 AM EDT

Bungie has released a new trailer that showcases some of the new stuff fans can expect from the "Age of Triumph" live event next week. The new trailer teases new armor, ornaments and weapons for "Destiny" players to grind for and collect. It appears that the game's Twitch stream will be an avenue for the developers to show off the new gear, which reports suspect are from the newly refreshed raids.

Recent reports note that the "Destiny" developer Bungie has previously hinted that the new gear collected from the "Age of Triumph will be some of the best they ever offered. The latest video trailer appears to support their claims and reportedly got fans excited for its official launch next Tuesday. Meanwhile, the video opens with a Hunter standing on the tower and looking at the Traveler. Gamers suspect that the armor and other gear came from the updated Vault of Glass raid, notes Game Rant.

Some fans pointed out that the Hunter Armor was previously teased by Bungie before. They claim that some promotional images for the "Age of Triumph" live event teased the armor and other gear as well. It seems like "Destiny" fans will have a lot more content to look forward to besides the record book completion for the event. Ornaments were also previewed that gave off a Vex mark on the hunter's cape, based on the video

Some eagle-eyed gamers also pointed out that the new leg armor from "Age of Triumph" gave the hunter robotic legs. On the other hand, Warlock users got a preview of the class' suspected raid gear from the Vault of Glass. It seems that a helmet ornament was also shown that emits light-based tentacles like those of a Gorgon. A new King's Fall raid will also reportedly reward "Destiny" players with an armor set to make the Warlock appear like a Hive Wizard.

Gamespot has confirmed that more information about the "Age of Triumph" live event for "Destiny" and its new gear will be showcased in their final Twitch stream this week. It also seems like the final content update is meant to celebrate the success of the FPS and prepare players for the next installment.

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