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Star Wars News: Science Tells Us What Lightsabers Are Made Of

Star Wars News: Science Tells Us What Lightsabers Are Made Of

Ever wondered what the Lightsabers in Star Wars are made of? Here, Science explains the infamous weapon used in the sci-fi series.

by Flo Maxino

Pokémon Updates: You Can Now Make Your Own Pokémon Plushie through Build-A-Bear Workshop

Pokémon Updates: You Can Now Make Your Own Pokémon Plushie through Build-A-Bear Workshop

The Build-A-Bear Workshop has included creatures in their mix: A Pokémon! You get to build your own Pokémon plushie!

by Flo Maxino

 The Inhumans: Superhero Origins

'The Inhumans' Air Date, Spoilers, & Update: New Series Bridges The Marvel Movies and TV Shows? [PLOT, PREDICTIONS]

Fans believe that "The Inhumans" could be the connection for the Marvel TV series and movies.

by MJ Dailo

016 HP Stream 14 - $220 Windows 10 Laptop

HP Stream 14-Ax010nr: Better Quality Doesn't Mean Spending Much

HP Stream 14-ax010nr is getting a lot of attention lately not only because of its unusual, stylish design but also because of the advantages it has. If you're looking for a budget laptop which won't sacrifice your school or work, then you might consider this.

by Caroline Soriano

The Original Max Payne Character in Max Payne 3

'Max Payne 4' Release Date, Latest News, & Update: Improved Bullet Time For New Installment?

Many are anticipating an improved Bullet Time for "Max Payne 4."

by MJ Dailo

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Official Introduction

Devices Which Were Discontinued Before 2016 Ended: Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Project Ara, Xbox 360, PlayStation TV & Pebble; Find Out Why

2016's about to end and here's a review of the techs we lost earlier than this year ends.

by Caroline Soriano

Bose Soundlink Color 2 Review Plus Sound Test

Bose Soundlink Color: Defines What Small But Terrible Means

The latest from Bose, Bose Soundlink Color II, has proven that being small also means sounding great. With its features worth boasting such as splash proof, water-resistant, Bluetooth connection, and more, there's no reason why you shouldn't buy this.

by Caroline Soriano

Mouth CTRLer: a mouth-controller for video games, interview with the artists

The Taste of Technology: Mouth CTRLer, Communicating, Gaming & More Using The Tongue

Technology is evolving in a way where impossible things become possible. Now, instead of hands and fingers, the tongue is the next human body part that can control apps, send messages, and play games.

by Caroline Soriano

Final Fantasy XV - Omen Trailer (North America)

‘Final Fantasy XV’ DLC Release Date, News & Update: Episodes Ignis, Promptus, Gladiolus Feature Original Content; ‘Comrades’ DLC To Maximize Noctis’ Allies

Here's everything you need to know about the "Final Fantasy XV" DLC expansions and release date.

by Kaye Reese

Starting a camera collection

4 Of The Best Features That You Should Look For in a Camera; Olympus OM-D, Fujifilm X-T2, Pentax K-1 Features Revealed

Various cameras are being sold both in physical and online stores. However, there are specific features that you should look for to produce high-quality photos and videos worth keeping.

by Caroline Soriano

Lady Gaga & Evan Peters - American Horror Story Hotel

'American Horror Story' Season 7 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Lady Gaga As Deadly Siren? Next Theme Will Be Sea Monsters?

With "American Horror Story" season 7 expected next year, fans anticipate an aquatic theme that will feature Lady Gaga as a mermaid.

by MJ Dailo

Samsung Galaxy 8

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Copy iPhone 7’s Most Hated Feature

Apparently, the South Korean company is about to piss their users again, after the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s failure, by copying iPhone 7’s wireless revolution.

by Caroline Soriano

Finn Jones on Becoming Iron Fist - NYCC 2016

'Iron Fist' Season 1 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Claire Temple to Unite The Defenders? Teaser Photos Revealed

New teasers for 'Iron Fist' season 1 will bring back Claire Temple, who could be playing a big role in bringing the heroes together.

by MJ Dailo

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