Google Pixel XL Latest News & Update: Google Pixel XL VS iPhone 7 Plus: Camera, Design, Specs, Price

Google Pixel XL Latest News & Update: Google Pixel XL VS iPhone 7 Plus: Camera, Design, Specs, Price

Learn what distinguishes Google Pixel XL from iPhone 7 Plus in terms of camera, design, specifications and price.

by Yang Llaneza

Lenovo K6 Note specs,features & price,more details

Lenovo K6 Note Latest News & Update: Lenovo K6 Note Full Phone Specifications, Features & More

Check out Lenovo's latest smartphone in the market -- the K6 Note.

by Yang Llaneza

How LG's OLED displays will shape the future

LG Smartphone Latest News & Updates: South Korean Manufacturer Works With Apple, Google & Microsoft to Develop Foldable OLED Display Panels

LG has not yet provided an official release date for the foldable OLED screen, but it is likely that next-generation smartphones from the company, Apple, Microsoft and Google may include the component.

by V Doctor

Lucid Air Unveiling

"Lucid Motors Air" Release Date, Latest News & Update: Luxury Electric Car Packed With 400-mile Range Unveiled, Will This Beat Tesla's Rechargeable Car Models in 2018?

California-based "Lucid Motors" got itself into a big business of electric cars today after it unveils its version of electric cars. Did Tesla find a competitor in "Lucid Motors?"

by Kristeine Lim

Toyota Posts Record Sales In November

Toyota 2017 New Cars Latest News: Open To Start Selling Engine, Drivetrain Technology To Rivals; May Start With The New Camry

Toyota produces a lot of technology only they can use and the automaker wants to change that to a system where the innovation they develop can be made available to its competitors in an effort to aid in the research and development of the industry.

by CJ Estimada

Try Out The Highly-Anticipated Nintendo Switch In These Locations!

“Nintendo Switch” News & Updates: Try Out The Highly-Anticipated Hybrid Console In These Locations!

Nintendo has laid down plans for its tour of the Nintendo Switch ahead of its March 2017 release. Six North American cities are currently included in Nintendo’s tour schedule.

by Milton Letterman

Tribeca Talks: Snap It, Vine It, Tube It - 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Vine Shutdown Latest Update: Twitter Said Vine Is Not Totally Shutting Down But Will Be Retooled As 'Vine Camera'

The popular app that gave us the funny Vine compilations will be retooled as the "Vine Camera."

by Ceage Sotto

Apple Pencil: A Guided Tour

Iphone 8 Latest News & Update: iPhone 8;Dual Sim, Apple Pencil, Other Features In Already In Patent?

Rumors spreading about Apple's patenting dual-sim, and apple pencil will be included in iPhone 8.

by Yang Llaneza

BEST SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 & S8 Edge Trailers 2017 || Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Upcoming in 2017

Samsung Galaxy Latest News & Update: Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple iPhone 8 ; Samsung S8 to Leave Iphone 8 Behind?

Here are the compiled rumors, and predictions for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8 which are expected to be released in 2017.

by Yang Llaneza

How to get Super Mario Run FOR FREE - Unlock all levels FREE

'Super Mario Run' Latest Hack: 'Super Mario Run' Tips & Tricks On How To Download the Full Game on IOS & Share To Multiple Devices For Free

Discover the latest tips and tricks on how to download "Super Mario Run'' full game in IOS for free.

by Yang Llaneza

XBOX ONE Free Games - December 2016

Xbox Games Lateast & Best Deala: Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games Now Available; 'Outlast,' 'Burnout Paradise,' and More

Outlast and Burnout Paradise are free this weekend on Xbox along with big price off for several games.

by Yang Llaneza

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