Xbox Latest News & Update: Biggest Xbox Live Sale Begins This Week; 350-Plus Offers Revealed

Xbox Latest News & Update: Biggest Xbox Live Sale Begins This Week; 350-Plus Offers Revealed

Biggest Xbox Live sale begins on December 22 to January 9.

by LJ Joseph

LG Ultrafine 5K Display Unboxing + Setup!

LG 5K Ultrafine Monitor Release Date, Latest News & Update: No Confirmed Launch Yet, But Apple Fans Are Prepared To Wait; Specs & Price Details Revealed

Despite the delay in the release, majority of 2016 MacBook Pro owners taking part in the survey are planning to stick out for the officially recommended LG 5K UltraFine monitor.

by CJ Estimada

Gadget Update: Make Replika AI Your New Tech Best Friend As It Adjusts to Your Personality

Gadget Update: Make Replika AI Your New Tech Best Friend As It Adjusts to Your Personality

Replika AI is a technology programmed to learn and adapt to your personality so you can have a new tech best friend.

by Flo Maxino

Ghost Shark Caught on Camera for the First Time | National Geographic

Ghost Shark Latest News & Update: Mysterious Ghost Shark Caught On Film For The First Time

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute reveals the first footage of the Ghost Shark.

by LJ Joseph


First ParkNYC Features, Latest News & Update: New App Lets You Pay For Parking In New York Through Phone, Internet Or Call

ParkNYC provides motorists a new way to pay for parking in New York City through an app that will make the city's parking less chaotic and more convenient.

by CJ Estimada

Korean Tech Firm Taps Ex-Blizzard Designer To Develop A Real Working Mech Simiar To 'Titanfall' & 'Star Wars' [Watch]

A Korean company is busy developing a working mech based on a former Blizzard employee's designs.

by Ceage Sotto


'FIFA 17' Latest News & Update: 'FIFA 17' Released 12 Days Of FUTmas; Free Coins, Mystery Packs, 85-Rated Benteke, & More Every Day

"FIFA 17" revealed its 12 days of FUTmas promo with free gifts such as mystery packs, coins and more every day.

by Yang Llaneza

Stunning Lenovo Yoga Book To Get Chrome OS In 2017

“Lenovo Yoga Book” Latest News & Update: Stunning Tablet-Laptop To Get Chrome OS In 2017, Find Out More Here!

Lenovo’s hit Yoga Book is set to get a Chrome OS version next year. The new variant adds to the popular tablet-laptop’s two other variants – one with Windows 10 and another with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

by Milton Letterman

Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus - Speed Test

Google Pixel XL Latest News & Update: Google Pixel XL VS iPhone 7 Plus: Camera, Design, Specs, Price

Learn what distinguishes Google Pixel XL from iPhone 7 Plus in terms of camera, design, specifications and price.

by Yang Llaneza

Lenovo K6 Note specs,features & price,more details

Lenovo K6 Note Latest News & Update: Lenovo K6 Note Full Phone Specifications, Features & More

Check out Lenovo's latest smartphone in the market -- the K6 Note.

by Yang Llaneza

How LG's OLED displays will shape the future

LG Smartphone Latest News & Updates: South Korean Manufacturer Works With Apple, Google & Microsoft to Develop Foldable OLED Display Panels

LG has not yet provided an official release date for the foldable OLED screen, but it is likely that next-generation smartphones from the company, Apple, Microsoft and Google may include the component.

by V Doctor

Lucid Air Unveiling

"Lucid Motors Air" Release Date, Latest News & Update: Luxury Electric Car Packed With 400-mile Range Unveiled, Will This Beat Tesla's Rechargeable Car Models in 2018?

California-based "Lucid Motors" got itself into a big business of electric cars today after it unveils its version of electric cars. Did Tesla find a competitor in "Lucid Motors?"

by Kristeine Lim

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