Hitman 3 The Seven Deadly Sins DLC 'Season of Gluttony' Guide: New Additions, Release Date

Hitman 3 The Seven Deadly Sins DLC 'Season of Gluttony' Guide: New Additions, Release Date

Hitman 3's "Seven Deadly Sins" DLC expansion series will receive its new "Season of Gluttony" pack, bringing its players, and Agent 47, in the overindulgent city of Chongqing. A new shotgun weapon, new suit set, and new "Escalation" mission set awaits them in this DLC pack.

by Staff Reporter

HITMAN Elusive Target #16 The Guru [EN]

‘Hitman’ Latest News & Update: Elusive Target 16 — The Guru — Now Live; Mission Runs Until Dec. 23

The Guru is the latest Elusive Target in "Hitman."

by Jackie Villegas

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - PSX 2016: Announce Trailer | PS4

5 Exciting Games Coming in December 2016

With so many games coming this December, deciding on which game to get is not really easy. So to make the task easier, this article features 5 of the best game that every player must check out.

by Allan


‘Hitman’ Latest News & Update: ‘Holiday Hoarders’ Mission Set In Paris Coming Next Week

"Hitman" will release "Holiday Hoarders" mission next week.

by Min Montes

HITMAN - Holiday Hoarders Trailer

‘Hitman’ Latest Series Release Date, Features & Update: ‘The Holiday Hoarders’ Is Free This Festive Season; Details Here

The video game series “Hitman” is all set to offer gamers a chance to play “The Holiday Hoarders” for free this holiday season.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra

KIlling Everyone in Hitman Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 (Hitman 6 2016)

‘Hitman’ Latest News & Update: Playstation 4, Xbox, & PC Has Updated The Sequel Of Their Gameplay But Excluded Old One

Playstation 4, Xbox and PC for "Hitman" is now updated. It occured last November and features more improvements.

by nitz

Hitman (2016) Episode 1

'Hitman' Latest Game Update: Patch 1.7.0 Released; Weapons Accessible On Offline Mode, Silent assassin Rating, And More

"Hitman" has released patch 1.7.0 with enhancements, such as access to weapons even on offline mode and silent assassin rating.

by Yang Llaneza

HITMAN - Todays Update Patch Notes

'Hitman' Latest News & Update: Modernized Disconnected Profile Included; What We Know So Far!

"Hitman's" November redesign included the new disconnected profile, made a strength clear, and numerous more different upgrades. The following slippery target will come soon.

by Beverly V.

Dishonored 2 Live Action Trailer - Take Back What's Yours

'Dishonored 2' Latest News & Updates: Different Humorous but Creative Kills in the Game Including Far Reach

There are different amusing tactics in taking down enemies in "Dishonored 2" including Far Reach.

by Cores Grace Malaay

HITMAN | The Season Finale Trailer | PS4

'Hitman' Latest News & Update: The Complete First Season Goes 50% Off, Here's How to Grab This Bargain

Make haste because "Hitman: The Complete First Season" is still on sale at $30 on Steam for up to Wednesday only, Nov 23.

by Regin Olimberio

Hitman Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD] - No Commentary (The Show Stopper) PARIS (FULL GAME)

Games That Demand High-End Settings on PC; 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' Is One of Them, Find Out The Rest

There are tons of games that demand high-powered settings on PC including Hitman, Rise of the Tomb Raider and more.

by Cores Grace Malaay

HITMAN SEASON 1 FULL GAME Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (FULL SEASON)

‘Hitman’ Season 1 Latest News & Update: Complete Pack Of Stealth Action Gameplay Now Available; Where To Buy On Black Friday?

Now that the “Hitman” Season 1 is available in complete pack, gamers cannot seem to get hold of it especially with the upcoming Black Friday.

by AASalvador

EB Games are offering discounts for players to trade-in Battlefield 1 for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

EB Games Reveals Great Deals: Players To Get Best Deals For Trading Battlefield 1 for Infinite Warfare

EB Games offers great deals to its players. Find out more.

by Arah TJ

HITMAN - The Season Finale Trailer

‘Hitman’ Release Date, Gameplay, News & Update: Available On PlayStation 4 Pro; Packed With Enhanced Details

"Hitman" can be played on the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro starting on November 10 with enhanced details.

by LJ Joseph

Xbox And Gears Of War 4 Atlanta Event

'Hitman' Release Date, News & Update: Season Finale Announced In Japan; Agent 47's Adventure Ends

“Hitman” trailer has been released on Monday. The game is being considered as a combination of skills the gamers acquired while playing it.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra

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