Apple's Suppliers Increase iPhone 6 Production At The Expense Of A New, Larger iPad

Apple's Suppliers Increase iPhone 6 Production At The Expense Of A New, Larger iPad

Apple suppliers have moved production resources into creating additional iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models to meet demand, delaying production of a new, larger iPad, the Wall Street Journal reported.

by Connor Sears

Apple iMac 2017

Already Tired Of Your New iPhone? Apple's Got A Whole New Set Of Products To Reveal

Apparently the iPhone 6 has spent enough time in the spotlight. Apple's already moving on to bigger and better things with a new press event announced for October 16.

by Connor Sears

Apple Store

Apple's Not Done Unveiling New Products; October 16 Event Will Include New iPad, iMac And OS X Yosemite Reveals

Apple will be holding an event on October 16 that will reveal Apple's next models of iPad and iMac while also giving final details about the new OS X upgrade, Re/code reported.

by Connor Sears

iPhone 6

The iPhone Resale Market Is Huge, But Apple Has Made It Easier To Make Sure You Don't Buy A Stolen Phone

Apple has made it easier for anyone to see if a particular device for sale is stolen just by checking to see whether Activation Lock is turned on.

by Connor Sears

Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online App Turns Your iPad Into The Playground At Your Elementary School

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online app is in the middle of its international roll out, and last night it hit American iPads to make Pokémon cards a more mobile experience than ever.

by Connor Sears


Apple Event Reportedly Planned For October, New iPad Air And Mini Models Expected Alongside Yosemite OS X Update

Although the excitement of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus unveiling is still fading away and the new smartphones release today, attention is already shifting toward the next big reveal.

by Matthew Buzzi

iOS 8

iOS 8, Apple's 'Biggest Release Ever,' Is Officially Up For Grabs

Apple users can now officially begin downloading the new update for iPhones, iPads and fifth generation iPod Touches, as iOS 8.0 becomes free to download.

by Connor Sears

iOS 8

What We Can Expect From iOS 8, Launching Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, iOS 8 will be available for free download on iPhones, iPads and the fifth generation iPod Touch. Now that the full release is only a day away, here's what we know about the new software update.

by Connor Sears

MOGA Rebel

Play On Your iPhone With Precision, New iOS Bluetooth Controller Hit Stores Later This Month

As we saw with Apple's demonstration yesterday, iPhones are becoming more and more legitimate as a game console. Seeing a full MOBA running on an iPhone 6 showed this perfectly. But if you want to be able to play games on your iPhone without messing with sometimes shaky touch controls, the new MOGA Rebel Bluetooth controller for iOS allows for convenient iPhone and iPod Touch gaming on the go.

by Connor Sears

Bioshock iOS

Return To Rapture: Bioshock Brings Its Original Adventure To iOS

Just more than seven years after its original release, Bioshock is seeing yet another launch, this time on the touch screens of iOS devices.

by Connor Sears


Apple Working on 12.9-inch iPad For 2015, Rumor Claims

Apple will release a big-screened 12.9 inch iPad early next year, according to sources speaking to Bloomberg. The iPad will be much bigger than any offering out there right now-Cupertino currently sells iPads with 9.7 inch and 7.9 inch screens (screens are measured diagonally).

by Barry Eitel

Pokemon TCG iPad

Pokemon Trading Card Game Coming To iPad Later This Year

The Pokemon Trading Card Game--a version of which currently exists online for computers--is coming to iPad.

by Matthew Buzzi

Skylanders Trap Team

Skylanders Trap Team Announced For iPad

Activision has just announced that Skylanders Trap Team is coming to mobile devices the same day as it's hitting consoles!

by Alex Riviello

Apple iPad

iPad Air vs iPad 4: The Similarities, Differences, And What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Tablets are increasingly pervasive in the average American household, and it's a big decision for many to pick up the device that will suit their specific needs.

by Matthew Buzzi

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas

Hearthstone Curse Of Naxxramas Final Cards Released On Facebook; Expansion Now Live

Fans of World of Warcraft, who spent many an hour (or more like months in certain cases) exploring the world of Azeroth and getting caught in the floating dungeon of doom will find many things to smile about.

by Steve Buja

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