15 Best Games Ever on the Original Xbox to Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary

15 Best Games Ever on the Original Xbox to Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary

The original Xbox turns 15 years old and there are best 15 games picked and ranked to commemorate its anniversary.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Minecraft Hour of Code: Introduction

‘Minecraft’ Latest News & Update: Hour Of Code Designer Teaches Kids & Adults 50 Game Languages; More Details Revealed!

“Minecraft” Hour of Code Designer is a tutorial for six years old and above teaching how to create a simple game.

by AASalvador

Microsoft's Surface Book hands-on

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Specs, Features & Latest Update: How New Surface Book will be Received; Is it Better than New MacBooks?

Microsoft Surface Book 2 seems to place Microsoft on the top spot. How far will the enhanced machine go?

by Arianne Gift

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio Latest News & Update: Microsoft Exec Calls Scorpio a True 4K, Most Powerful Console Ever

Microsoft Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg pitched subtle tirades that gamers are in for graphics fidelity never before seen then capped his statement that Project Scorpio is the real 4K.

by Regin Olimberio

Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Specs and Updates: How Will Windows 10 Mobile Change Phone's Functionality?

A lot of Microsoft users are already waiting for the release of the Surface Phone. It is believed to come next year with improved features and functions.

by Nens Mitchell

Halo 5: Launch Gameplay Trailer

'Halo' Latest News & Update: Microsoft Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary, More Exciting Surprises To Expect

Halo will celebrate its 15th Anniversary on Nov. 15, 2016. A live stream will be conducted by the developer which will allow players to discover the Halo Museum.

by Samille Jan Abada

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be delayed due to Intel's Kaby Lake processor.

Microsoft Surface Book i7 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Can the Surface Pro 5 Equal the Surface Book's Power? Specs and Prices Compared

The Microsoft Book i7 came out as a powerful device for laptop fans. With the coming of the Surface Pro 5, many are also hoping it would be as good as the earlier release.

by Nens Mitchell

Microsoft's New X-Box Holds Midnight Sales Launch In New York's Times Square

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Update: ‘Skate 3,’ ‘Scarygirl’ Plus Other Additions Revealed! Check Details Below!

Xbox One has been updating its compatibility and reliving some of its games back with Backward Compatibility for over a year now. In fact, the line keeps on growing as they recently added "Scarygirl" and "Skate 3" to its backward compatible titles to date. The recent compatibility update includes a download link and also game descriptions for fans to enjoy.

by Kevin Panganiban

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Microsoft Project Scorpio Release Date, News & Update: Bill Gates’ Company Threatened By Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro? Will Run 4K UWP Games?

With the release of Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, it looks like Microsoft will soon unveil its Microsoft Project Scorpio that can run 4K UWP games to compete its rival.

by Staff Reporter

Monster School: Dragon Hunt - Minecraft Animation

'Minecraft' Latest News & Update: Mojang Unveils Ender 1.0 Update, Features New Boss Battle Against Ender Dragon

"Minecraft" fans hyped up following an announcement from developer Mojang that the building game was slated for major update to include Window 10, Pocket and Gear VR versions.

by Regin Olimberio

Microsoft Surface Phone with Windows 10 - A pretty good looking Concept - 2016 I 2017 ᴴᴰ

Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 Release Date, News & Update: Why Microsoft Needs to Release the New Smartphone; Expected Specs & Features Revealed

The Microsoft Surface Phone has been one of the most anticipated smartphone releases of the year due to its promise of refreshing (and replacing) the Lumia lineup. However, fans were disappointed when the tech giant seems to be ignoring it. Is the Surface Phone still coming out?

by Christian Ver Marcelo

PlayStation 5 to be released in 2017

PlayStation 5 Release Date, News & Update: PS5 Will Come In 2018 To Compete With Microsoft’s Xbox 2? Possible Features Revealed!

It is more likely that PlayStation 4 will be revealed in time when Microsoft unveiled its Project Scorpio or Xbox 2 as an analyst predicted its release in 2018.

by Staff Reporter

Mirosoft's New X-Box Holds Midnight Sales Launch In New York's Times Square

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Microsoft Releases Another Game After ‘Skate 3’ For Only $9.99; Buying Tips Revealed

Microsoft releases "Skate 3" and "Scarygirl" on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Library.

by LJ Joseph

Surface Pro 5: Specs, Rumors and Release Date

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, News & Update: Kaby Lake, 4K Display; Impressive Price Details, Features, Specs Revealed! Black Friday Discounts!

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is probably one of the most anticipated devices to arrive this year. But, several fans got disappointed because the device was a no-show at the previously held event by Microsoft last October. Fans are expecting that Microsoft will finally launch the Surface Pro 5 next year.

by Staff Reporter

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