‘Yoshi’s Wooly World’ Latest News & Update: Confirmed for the 3DS Platform

‘Yoshi’s Wooly World’ Latest News & Update: Confirmed for the 3DS Platform

"Yoshi's Wooly World" on the 3DS platform also features a Poochy amiibo.

by Staff Reporter


'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Introducing the 6 New Pokemon; New Features Added to the Game [VIDEO]

"Pokemon Sun and Moon," the role-playing game for Nintendo 3DS, has a release date now. The anticipated new Pokemon game is coming to the market on Nov. 18 in the United States and Nov. 23 in the United Kingdom.

by Louise Bonquin

President Of Nintendo Satoru Iwata Gives Keynote At Game Developers Conference

Nintendo NX Release Date, News & Update: 'Rise: Race the Future' To Come This Winter 2016?

"RISE: Race The Future" will soon be available for Nintendo NX.

by Kathleen Nava

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS Price Drop: Get The Console For Only $79.99! Is It Worth It?

Nintendo 2DS price officially dropped on May 20.

by Kathleen Nava

Ace Attorney for WiiWare

'Ace Attorney' Phoenix Wright Will Be On Nintendo 3DS: Release Date, Storyline And A New Sidekick Revealed Here

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Spirit of Justic is back to serve justice in Nintendo 3DS. Phoenix Wright is back with a brand new nemesis and partner to once again ensure fairness in Khura'in.

by Roleen Delos Reyes


‘Pokémon Sun’, ‘Pokémon Moon’ Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Reveals Pokémon Starters, New Character, Map, Region! More Details Here

Nintendo has finally revealed the new characters, map, region and other details fans should expect in the upcoming "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon" games.

by Nica Virtudazo

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains

Watch Humans Get Eaten In These 'Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains' Gifs

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is coming to the Nintendo 3DS next month courtesy of Atlus, and humanity will suffer because of it.

by Alex Riviello

Mortal Kombat X

April Showers Can't Get Us Down, Not With Upcoming Video Games Like 'Mortal Kombat X', 'GTA V', 'Titan Souls', & More

A wealth of new titles, ports, DLC and expanded editions are coming to consoles everywhere this month. Here's a list of the ones to keep an eye during the rainy season.

by Steve Buja

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

The Full Trailer For Etrian Mystery Dungeon Makes The Upcoming Roguelike A Little Less Mysterious

ATLUS and Spike Chunsoft have released a new trailer for next week's release of their mash up Etrian Mystery Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS. This is not a prank. We promise.

by Steve Buja


Grab These Five 3DS Games From Your Local Target For Just $15!

Target is offering up a weeklong sale of some of the 3DS' best titles. All for just $15.

by Steve Buja

Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

'LEGO Ninjago: Shadow Of Ronin' Releases Today, Check Out The Launch Trailer

Today will be a day long remembered. For today, TT Games' LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin was released onto PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, and we saw that it was good.

by Steve Buja


This Week In Games: 'Bloodborne', 'Borderlands: The Handsome Collection', 'Life Is Strange Ep 2', & More

March came in like a lion, but if this week's video game release schedule is any indication, it refuses to go out like a lamb. Let's see what the Big Three have planned for us.

by Steve Buja

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

'Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight' Announced For Nintendo 3DS Release This Summer

Atlus has announced the upcoming release of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight, a quasi-remix of two previous titles, onto 3DS systems this summer.

by Steve Buja

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Link Comes To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate This Friday As Part Of Free Monthly Update To 3DS Title

The only thing better than hearing that Capcom will be bringing new Legend of Zelda themed DLC to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is then remembering that, 'Wait a minute, I don't have to pay for any of it!'

by Steve Buja

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

This Week's Nintendo eShop Update Adds The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo, DIG DUG, Hyrule Warriors DLC And So Much More

As busy as this week is, it will be nothing compared to the goods raining down on us next Thursday. This week, though robust with offerings like new Hyrule Warriors DLC, is but an appetizer to the main event.

by Steve Buja

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