Brighten Your Day With The Latest Minecraft 'Pattern Texture Pack', Or Recreate The Citadel With 'Mass Effect 3' Content

Brighten Your Day With The Latest Minecraft 'Pattern Texture Pack', Or Recreate The Citadel With 'Mass Effect 3' Content

Players wishing for a little ying to Bloodborne's dark and brooding yang will be happy to find a new, bright and colorful map pack for the console versions of Minecraft available to them as paid DLC, as well as new Mass Effect 3 DLC.

by Steve Buja

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

'Final Fantasy XIV' Patch 2.55 Before The Fall Part 2 Releases Next Week, Check Out Some New Screens

The next patch for FF XIV: A Realm Reborn will hit servers next week and conclude one of the main quest scenarios leading up to release of Heavensward, the upcoming major expansion. Here are some screenshots of upcoming content.

by Steve Buja

MLB 15

MLB 15 The Show Is Almost Here, New Trailer Builds The Hype For America's Didigtal Pastime

MLB 15: The Show is only eight days away from launch, and a new trailer continues to build the hype for America's (digital) pastime.

by Matthew Buzzi


This Week In Games: 'Bloodborne', 'Borderlands: The Handsome Collection', 'Life Is Strange Ep 2', & More

March came in like a lion, but if this week's video game release schedule is any indication, it refuses to go out like a lamb. Let's see what the Big Three have planned for us.

by Steve Buja

Dark Souls

Man Beats 'Dark Souls' With A Bongo Drum, And You Haven't Even Beaten It With A Regular Controller

So you think you're good at Dark Souls, huh? Well, if you haven't beaten the game using nothing but a Bongo drum, consider us thoroughly unimpressed.

by Steve Buja

Life Is Strange

'Life Is Strange Episode 2' Launch Trailer Released And Our Heroines Fall Further Down The Rabbit Hole

Dontnod and Square Enix have released the launch trailer for Out of Time, the second episode of their five-part storytelling game Life is Strange, due out next week.

by Steve Buja


Our Guide To Destiny: Rounding Up All Of Our Tips, Tricks, And Lists For Bungie's Online Shooter

Destiny is a complicated game, and a lot of its high-level features are not explained very well. We're in a bit of a lull for now as we wait for the House of Wolves expansion to release, so it's a good time to round up all of our guides and tips for the game as it stands so far.

by Matthew Buzzi

Farming Simulator 15

'Farming Simulator 15' Console Release Date Is Sown, Reap The Rewards This May

After a successful launch on PC, Farming Simulator 15 is heading towards the console peasants this May!

by Steve Buja

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue Television Service Launches On PS4 And PS3 In Select Cities, Offers Live TV, DVR, And Movies

Sony's PlayStation Vue has launched today, bringing another cloud-based television service option to customers. Vue offers live television, cloud DVR, and video on demand for less than a normal cable subscription.

by Matthew Buzzi

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

Latest 'One Piece Pirate Warriors 3' Trailer Is Bursting With Some Of The Series' Most Infamous Villains

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for their upcoming uber hack n slash One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 today, and it sure is something.

by Steve Buja

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

'Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin' Screens And New Patch Launches On Servers

Bandai Namco released a wealth of new screens for the upcoming Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, the newly remastered collection of their punishing action title.

by Steve Buja

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

'Borderlands: The Handsome Collection' Platform Transfer System Outlined For Next Week's Release

Gearbox has released a handy guide showing how to transfer all of your old saved games from Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel onto the next gen Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

by Steve Buja


Become A Helldiver Commando, Defender, Or Support Specialist With New DLC Pack Gear

The developers at Arrowhead Studios announced new content today: three DLC packs are now available individually or bundled together, adding new costumes, weapons, and stratagems to the twin-stick shooter.

by Matthew Buzzi

Resident Evil Revelations 2

'Resident Evil Revelations 2' Disc Version Launches Today With New Trailer And All Content

Players wishing to catch up quickly with the full Resident Evil Revelations 2 experience in one fell swoop are in luck today. Capcom has just released the complete retail disc version of the episodic horror action title, and they've tossed in a few new goodies for your patience.

by Steve Buja

Final Fantasy XIV

Pre-order The Many 'Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward' Editions Starting Today

PS4, PS3 and PC players may take out their wallets and look Heavensward, for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn expansion is now available for pre-order.

by Steve Buja

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