'Star Citizen' Alpha 3.15 'Deadly Consequences' Update Guide: What Additional Content Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 11, 2021 04:40 AM EST
(Photo: Photo from Star Citizen's Twitter Page, @RobertsSpaceInd)

Cloud Imperium Games announced that Star Citizen had received its Alpha 3.15 Update.

Namely "Deadly Consequences," the said alpha update has brought in new additional in-game features that might be rolled out once the multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game rolls out after development.

The said additional features include new locations that its players can go to, especially in situations where they need to heal themselves, as well as an AI-controlled facility, any other additions to its gameplay.

Let the Hospitals Heal You

One of the said additions that Deadly Consequences brought in to Star Citizen are the hospitals that will start appearing in the game.

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According to the patch notes posted in the game's website, these structures will be appearing in places such as Orison, New Babbage, and Grim HEX.

Players can now visit said hospitals to regenerate their lost health, as well as save new regen locations within the area. They can also heal their injuries and buy medical supplies there.

They will also have emergency medical elevators, where are added to the landing zone hangars to aid any injured players directly to the hospital.

Aside from these hospitals, medical clinics are also added into space stations, which will function the same as the newly added structures.

Also added in the game is a new healing tool, the CuraLife Medical Gun. According to PC Gamer, this medical handgun, along with its Greycat Multi-Tool healing attachment, can heal any injured allies to better with just one helpful zap.

However, players are using this new weapon in test servers excessively, giving themselves "lethal healing drug overdoses" in several non-player-versus-player (PvP) areas, as well as while looting for their own gear.

Several health-based additions included specific injuries that players may have in several parts of their bodies, which they can be healed separately.

These injuries will have effects to a player's performance in-game, such as head trauma will make them feel dizzy or wounded arms may make them harder to aim properly.

Once they received an injury, players will be entering a "Downed State," where they can call for help from their allies in order to be revived or healed either in the field or in a medical facility.

Finally, players can die in Star Citizen courtesy of the Deadly Consequences update. When they are dead, all of their physically equipped items will be dropped and persist wherever they land.

These items can be looted by other players, or by its original owners after they regenerated at a hospital or a pre-selected respawn point.

Other Additions

Deadly Consequences also brought in a new inventory system for Star Citizen. According to Neowin, with this new system, players can control their loadouts, carried loot, and transfers between inventories easier, especially with the help of NikNax asset manager app.

This app, according to MMORPG.com, will help locate and track their inventory from anywhere without having to be in a specific location.

New ships will be also available in the game, such as the Origin 400i and the Crusader Hercules Starlifter A2 bomber.

The former, according to Twinfinite, can be used if players want to deliver their goods faster with safety and style in mind, while the latter is an offensive bomber that fight against airborne assaults, as well as search and rescue operations, and landing initiatives.

The said bomber also brought in a new bomber mechanic, along with a new bomb user interface (Ui), that they can strategically use to target enemies, while retaining skill-based manual aiming in order to land a perfect shot that could deal massive damage.

Other additions from the Deadly Consequences update are the new Infiltrate and Defend missions, which will challenge players in either defending objectives against waves of enemies in all-out assaults, or avoiding detection from them to complete another.

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