‘Car Mechanic Simulator 2021’ How to Edit your Game Save Profile on your PC

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 10, 2021 11:00 PM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players will be given an opportunity to repair and restore one of the 72 cars that are pre-installed in the game, or one of the 8 cars in its two downloadable content (DLC) packs, using more than 4,000 car parts that is available.

These cars that they want to restore can be seen in either the Barn, the Junkyard, the Car Salon, or in Car Auctions, and they can buy them using Credits, which is the in-game currency that they can claim once they either sell their cars or scrap parts, accomplish a Mission Order, or from the chest that got when they visited the Barn.

Players can also receive experience points, or EXP, also in Mission Orders, as well as doing daily tasks while repairing, such as removing and assembling car parts.

These, along with the cars they have unlocked and collected, are store in their profile which is saved internally in the hard drive of their PCs, or internal memory of their video game console. However, the difference of the two is that players can edit their profile on the former with just easy steps full of copying, pasting, and editing a coding string.

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How to Access their Game Save Profile

In a YouTube video made by Hybridsteel, in order for players to change their saved game profiles for Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 in their PC, they must go to their Local Disk, which is usual "C:," then click the Users folder.

Once they are inside the folder, they need to double-click the folder that has their name on it, then double-click the AppData folder. From there, they will double-click the Red Dot Games folder, then double-click the Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 folder, then double-click the Save folder.

From there, they would see CMS21 files that has profile in its name followed by a number. There are all of the player's Game Profiles containing its progress in the game.

How to Edit a Game Save Profile

To edit a saved game profile, they need to access a profile(number) CMS21 file by double-clicking. From there, they would notice that the file itself is full of coding texts. In order for players to look for an element in that CMS21 file, they will need to use the Ctrl+F shortcut keys.

In Hybridsteel's video, eh needs to find the money that he has in the game. In order to search for it, he entered "PlayerMoney" after he used the said shortcut keys. Afterwards, it will teleport to a coding string where the said element was there.

Along with the said string is "PlayerLevel," where the player's level is indicated, "PlayerExp," where the player's EXP, "PlayerScraps," where how much Scrap the player possessed, and so on. Players can edit these elements based on their liking by inputting a specific number.

Once they have done it, they will have to go to another string of coding. They need to press again the Ctrl+F shortcut keys and type in "upgradeForPointData." This is the string where all of the unlockables in the game are indicated.

From there, they will need to find the element line. The said string line, in coding, indicates whether the data that will be written in the said string will be true or false.

If the data is true, it will indicate an element is unlocked. If the data is false, that means that the said element is locked. To make all of the edited elements in the code "reveal" in the game, they must change the false in the element string to true by typing it manually.

Once they have changed several elements from false to true, every locked in-game element in Car Mechanic Simulator will be unlocked.

However, this kind of method has its own risk. Players do need to keep in mind that editing said save file may cause a malfunction in their game state in the future. Hence, they need to save a backup game save profile in case said malfunction happens.

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