'Destiny 2' Season of the Lost Seasonal Challenges Week 4 Guide: How to Clear Them ALL

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 15, 2021 01:21 AM EDT
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Another week, another set of Challenges for the players of Destiny 2, especially during its Season of the Lost, as its Seasonal Challenges reach its Week 4.

In the said week, according Gamespot, the challenges will be focusing on upgrading the Wayfinder's Compass and storming other areas in the game while testing their skills in game.

Once completed, these Seasonal Challenges will give them hefty rewards, including XP, an item to boost the Calibration Level of the Wayfinder's Compass, Bright Dusts, and a weapon.

Challenge #1 - Wayfinder's Voyage IV

The first Seasonal Challenge that players need to clear for Week 4 is the fourth part of the Wayfinder's Voyage. To clear this first part of the said challenges, they need to clear the Astral Alignment activity.

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The said activity, according to The Gamer, will begin with a fireteam composed of six players defend an Oracle Engine. But first, they need to attack the Scorn that is guarding the said area. Afterwards, they need to defend it against multiple spawns of opponents.

Afterwards, they will be teleported to the Ley Line, where they will purge its Taken Rifts. These rifts will spawn the Awoken plates, and the players in the fireteam need to eliminate those plates to finish the said encounter.

Next, they will face Taken forces that will spawn all sides. After clearing them, the Taken's Captain named Eye of Xivu Arath will be spawned. The fireteam will defeat said captain in order to grab the Taken Essence buff.

Afterwards, they will be teleported to one of these two encounters - in Vesta, where they need to escort and install three batteries to their respective plates beside the Beacon, or in Ceres, where they need to prevent Ether orbs from entering scrapped Servitors around the arena.

Once they finished the said encounter above, they will be teleported to the Oracle Engine, where they will face a Taken ogre named Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath. The said fight will be split into three phases, and players need to clear said phases before destroying a Taken Blight that will spawned after.

Once the Captain that was spawned after destroying said Taken Blight has defeated, it will drop a Taken Essence and use it to shoot down the ogre's shield, them they will focus their fire to the said boss in order to deal more damage. They will repeat this process until they defeated the boss, completing said activity.

Once they finished it, they will head towards clear the Forest of Echoes in the Shattered Realm, then purchase a new upgrade for the Wayfinder's Compass. They need to make sure to have the first three parts of the compass before clearing it.

Also in the said task, the fireteam needs to score 200 Scorn kills, which they can do in any system or location, as well as a good opportunity to farm for bonus progress.

Challenge #2 - Astral Temeletry II

In this task, according to Screen Rant, players need to gather 6,000 Parallax Trajectories from either the game's playlist or in the Astral Alignment activities. Most of these activities in the said playlist will grant them 100 Parallax Trajectories once finished.

They can also have these Parallax Trajectories from the Ascendant Anchors, which they could be found on destinations and in the Shattered Realm activities.

Challenge #3 - Astral Authority

In this task, players are required to commit 300 final blows using a trace rifle. This task can be done better in either the Shattered Realm or Astral Alignment activities, as its Combatants will drop any bonuses once defeated.

Some good trace rifle options for this task are the Prometheus Lens, the Wavesplitter and the Ager's Scepter.

Challenge #4 - Ley Line Mysteries

In this task, players will encounter in a scavenger hunt, where they need to find 20 Trivial Mysteries and 2 Ascendant Mysteries. They will also align six Beacons within the Shattered Realm in order to finish this task.

The chests bearing the Trivial Mysteries need only one marker type in order to reach it, while the chests containing the Ascendant Mysteries will require only three. The Beacons, on the other hand, will take two Shattered Realm runs in order to accomplish it.

Challenge #5 - Entertain Lord Shaxx

In this task, players must compete in the Showdown Crucible playlist, which is rotating on a weekly basis. They must play up to 15 games in order to finish the task. Competing said playlist will also grant them bonuses along the way.

Challenge #6 - High-Value Hunter

In this task, players need to defeat the Primevals, the Primeavl Envoys, and HVTs in the Gambit. The first two will spawn in fodder waves, while the HVTs will periodically spawn during a match. As long as they can damage any of these powerful Combatants, they will gain progress for this task.

If they deal them the most damage to the said enemies that will be spawning during a Gambit game, they will get this task in the time it takes to finish said game mode.

Challenge #7 - Trials of the Tinker

In this task, players need to simply unlock any 12 Artifact mods. These mods can be unlocked from their Wayfinder's Compass Artifact, which they can see under their Ghost Shell in their inventory. To unlock a number of Artifact mods, they need to farm to any playlist or encounters in order to earn XP.

Challenge #8 - Precision Calibration

In this task, players need to calibrate their scout rifles, sniper rifles, and linear fusion rifles, by doing 200 final blows using the said weapons. They can do this task in kill farms such as the Thrall Hallway in the Shattered Throne dungeon of the Shuro Chi encounter in Last Wish.

Challenge #9 - Vanguard Chosen

In this task, players need to complete any Nightfall strike on "Hero" difficulty or higher. They can also accomplish this with a fireteam as the "Hero" difficulty has allowed matchmaking.

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