'Far Cry 6' Wingsuit Guide: Where to Find, How to Get Fast and Use it

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 09, 2021 12:04 AM EDT
Once they finish building the Hideout Network in the Construction Desk, they will unlock the wingsuit for their own use in Far Cry 6.
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In Far Cry 6, players will traverse across the island of Yara in order to collect weapons and items, clear several missions, and combat the Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa (FND) in order to liberate the whole island from Anton Castillo and his dictatorship.

As they progress within Yara, they would discover different means to travel. One of these is the the wingsuit, which is a staple in all of the Far Cry games.

The said item, according to The Nerd Stash, will allow the user to glide through the air quickly. This is perfect when they want to go to a place within Yara, like a checkpoint, without the need of setting their foot on the road.

Where to Find Wingsuit, How to Get It

Players who wanted to get their hands of the wingsuit will not get it from the start of the game, but according to Gameskinny, the said item will be available on its early stages, while progressing through its main campaign mission.

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In order to get the item, they must go to the Madrugada region in the western portion of Yara after departing from Isla Santuario. From there, players will be given the "Meet the Monteros" story quest.

As they progress through the story quest, they will eventually get to be with the leaders of the Libertad back at their camp in Monteros Farm. From there, players will now be able to construct new vendor kiosks around the area.

In order to do that, according to Gamepur, they will speak to a non-playable character (NPC) named the Foreman, which has the hammer icon.

After that, they will build the Hideout Network, which they can access in the Construction Desk. The said structure, according to Polygon, lets them purchase new hideout locations.

After they built the Hideout Network, they will eventually get the wingsuit, which according to Twinfinite, will cost 30 Metal and 30 Gasolina. These resources are easy to find within Yara, so acquiring the item very easy. Once they got it, they can now use the wingsuit automatically.

How to Use Wingsuit

In order to use the Wingsuit for travels across Yara in Far Cry 6, according to Twinfinite, once they jumped from a higher ground like a cliff, a plane or a helicopter, they would see a prompt that will appear on screen.

From there, they need to press the L3 button on their PlayStation 5 controller or Left Stick on their Xbox Controller.

They must press the button, and they will automatically equip the wingsuit. Once wearing it, they will able to steer themselves through the skies, while gliding large distances in the air.

To control their descent or ascent in the air, they must use the left analog stick and move it up or down, while moving it left or right will steer them in one direction or another.

Once they are reaching the ground, they must have their parachute ready by pressing the Circle button on their PlayStation 5 controller or the B button on their Xbox controller. Otherwise, they will crash into the ground, instantly killing them in the process.

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