'Car Mechanic Simulator' Story Order Guide: How to Repair a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Lincoln Continental Mk 5 [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 22, 2021 08:57 AM EDT
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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, not only that players can restore their very own cars using more than 4,000 car parts that they can either sell for additional profit or keep as part of their garage collection, but they can also repair other cars they will be given to them through Story Orders.

These Story Orders will not only award them additional Credit, which they can use to buy cars, as well as car parts, but they will also earn XP, which can be used to unlock several skill and facility upgrades in the game.

Story Order - How to Repair a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

In this first Story Order, players must repair an Olsen GTR. According to OfficialMisua's YouTube video, the car needs to have its several internal parts fixed, as well as its tuning increased by 35-40%. Once they have received the car, they can now transfer it to the Car Lift in their garage.

Once they transferred it in the Car Lift, they can examine the car by accessing the Additional Tools in the pie menu. From there, they will use the additional diagnostic tools to the car to check the parts that are "not discovered."

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After they examined the car, they will find the following parts, which they need to either repair or replace - the ECU type A, the fuel pump, two fuel rails DI, two rear drive axles, the supercharger, and the supercharger serpentine V8.

Considering that the Story Order needs the car to be tuned, they must also replace the normal car parts and replace it with Performance Parts, which are parts that has a red tab that indicates of increase of the car's Tuning percentage.

Once they got the parts needed to be repaired, they can now place them in Repair Tables in the Workshop in order for them to be repaired and used again. They can also replace them with the aforementioned Performance Parts. If they want to increased the profitability of the said repair, they can replace the old parts with new ones.

Once they got the parts, they will reinstall it in the car, and check if its tuning percentage was increased by submitting it to the dyno test. Once the said percentage land to that percentage range that the Story Order required, they can now turnover the car, and claim the Credit and the XP earned.

Story Order - How to Repair a Lincoln Continental Mk 5

For this second Story Order, players must repair a Lincoln Continental Mk 5. For this Story Order, according to OfficialMisua's YouTube video, they must know the parts that are "not discovered."

They will also need to replace its oil and other fluids like the brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and the windshield washer fluid, as well as washing its exterior and interior in the Car Wash

Much like the first Story Order, they must examine the car using the Additional Tools to know the "not discovered" parts once they transferred the car to the Car Lift after washing it in the Car Wash.

After examining the car, they must have discovered these following parts - the crankshaft, twelve rocker arms, the starter, the ignition coil B, the fuel filter, the fuel pump, the round air filter, the ignition wires, the ignition distributor rotor, the radiator fan, the serpentine belts A and B, and the water pump.

They must also have discovered the power steering pump, the timing chain, the oil filter, and eight spark plugs.

Once they know the parts that will be repaired, they will drain its oil using the Oil Drain machine, as well as its other fluids using the Drain Tool. Then, they disassemble the said parts before either repairing them in the Repair Table, or replacing it by buying new parts.

Once they got all of the parts needed, they can now reinstall it in the car, then replace the oil and the other fluids with a new one. Once it is finished, they can now turnover the said car, and claim the profit.

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