'Half-Life 3' Release Date, News & Update: Game in Finishing Stage? Valve Prepping It Up for Upcoming Anniversary?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 14, 2016 07:27 AM EST

"Half-Life 3" fans have been waiting for the launch of the game for too long. It has been taking forever and until now, even new details about it is not available.

On Nov. 19, the game is already celebrating its ninth anniversary and since it has been this long since the second edition of "Half-Life" was launched, fans have been feeling frustrated over the delay of "Half-Life 3." For many, a follow-up to the second edition should have arrived a long time ago already.

"Half-Life 3" game developer Valve Corporation, have not commented on this matter but there are speculations that the third installment of the game has been set for release very soon. Some are claiming that Valve is now near the finishing stage of the game's production.

Valve is one of the gaming companies that revolutionized the world of gaming with their game releases that always present something new. The company is the same one behind DOTA 2, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike series but despite these good titles, gamers are still looking for "Half-Life 3."

VR Support

Over the years, fans were able to get some details about the progress of the game due to leaks. Although those were not confirmed, many believe that they are legitimate. One of the most talked about leaked details was the concept of "Half-Life 3."

In the gaming circle, there were also talks suggesting that "Half-Life 3" is getting a VR support. However, Valve representative, Chet Faliszek, quickly refuted such rumor and said it is impossible.

The rep explained that developing this kind of feature for "Half-Life 3" will take a lot of time. Thus, Valve is not even considering VR Support right now.

Release Date

Fans of "Half-Life 3" is certain that it is coming in 2018, 11 years after the second installment came out and 20 years since the original "Half Life" game was introduced. Fans feel certain because they think Valve would want to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary with a new game version.

At any rate, Washington Post reported that the makers of "Half-Life 3," Valve Corporation, is one of the most successful gaming firms in the world. In Steam alone, the company has 65 million registered users and this alone demonstrates how popular and big the firm is.

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