'Star Wars Episode 8' Release Date, News & Updates: Fans Are Treated With Spoilers From The Movie's Cast

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 22, 2016 05:43 AM EST

News and updates for the much awaited sequel to the Star Wars movies have been scarce. According to some of the cast members, the team is going to extreme lengths just to protect the secrecy of the production and "Star Wars: Episode 8" spoilers will be hard to come by.

According to Mark Hamill, the team is carefully keeping everything hidden so that no spoilers or leaks will happen. They have been so strict that Hamill has compared working on the "Star Wars: Episode 8" to working with the CIA. He is not allowed to give teasers or any comments so they can be sure that no one will catch on the movie's plot.

Hamill mentioned that in the morning, the team will deliver his pages. Afterwards, the team will retrieve the papers and then proceed to shred them. All information is under tight security that even the scripts for "Star Wars: Episode 8" had to be confiscated afterwards. There are two security lines at the set and they even have to wear big monk-like outfits so drones will not see their costumes.

The fans were treated to a small teaser though, after J.J Abrams, director for "The Force Awakens" mentioned that the Rey and Kylo Ren connection will be exaplained in the "Star Wars: Episode 8" movie. Some of the fans believe that Luke and Rey may have a father and daughter relationship but others believe that the Kenobi ancestry is much closer to Rey.

The latest "Star Wars: Episode 8" movie will be directed by Rian Johnson. According to the little information that the sources have scoured, the blue lightsaber will once again become the center of the battle between characters.

Rey may have gained custody of the powerful weapon but it can be remembered that Kylo Ren has also mentioned that it belonged to him. According to some sources, Kylo may seek out Ray once again in "Star Wars: Episode 8" and claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Other than the tidbit detail about the movie, Luke Skywalker will also reportedly travel to a casino that may be owned by Lando Calrissian. This special character will be sought by Luke Skywalker and in "Star Wars: Episode 8," he may be vital in Luke's adventure to locate Kylo Ren.

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