‘For Honor’ Gives Reward to Players for Recent Server Problems; Check If Your Qualified Here

By Allan , Updated Mar 01, 2017 04:43 AM EST

Players of “For Honor” have recently experienced server issues as they log in the game. And as a form of apology, the game’s community developer, Emile Gauthier, have announced that players will be receiving a special gift. All players who log in on March 3 will get a free reward while players who experienced the server problems will getting more freebies.

The game first launched last February and everything was going well until the server problem that occurred on February 13 to 26, 2017 at 2:00 AM EST according to Gamerant. For that reason, all players who logged in within the dates will be rewarded with a 3 Day Champion status this weekend as a form of apology from “For Honor”. As for players who were not online during those dates, they need not worry because they too will be receiving a booster as a freebie just by logging in on March 3.

The 3 Day Champion status gives every player a 25% boost in experience, additional end match loot, exclusive champion emblems, more salvage from gears dismantled and a boost in experience for the player’s teammates. For those who are not qualified for this reward, the item is also available in the in-game store and offered in a different amount in exchange of Steel.

Along with the free boosters and Champion status, the game will also be hosting an event where players can double the amount of steel they earn in the game as reported by Digital Trends. There is no special requirement for this event, anyone can participate by just playing the game in any way that they want to and start earning double.

The game will be updated today with a new patch 1.03 and it will bring new items for the Valkyrie class. This includes more damages and faster recovery in between hits. Aside from that, the update also brings Peacekeeper-class bug fixes, a few changes on the user interface, game chat, and the graphics.

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