The Sisters Will Meet With Male Clones In Season 3 Of Orphan Black

The Sisters Will Meet With Male Clones In Season 3 Of Orphan Black

The trailer for Orphan Black season 3 has been released showing the girls gearing up for something big. It features new clones and even a set of male clones. They synopsis has also been released giving a bit more detail about the scenes seen in the trailer.

by Donyae

Stanley and Del from American Horror Story: Freak Show

Stanley Has More In Common With Freaks Than You'd Think in American Horror Story

Stanley is probably the most normal character on all of American Horror Story: Freak Show, or is he? The con artist played by Denis O'Hare has more secrets than just his plans to dismember and/or kill the freaks. In fact, he may be one of them.

by Donyae

Tycho Nestoris played by Mark Gatiss in Game of Thrones

Stannis Baratheon May Get A Change From Books In HBO Series

It's no secret that Game of Thrones on HBO will deviate from the book. After all the show has, as of last season, caught up with most of the major storylines, and since they haven't stopped filming it's a pretty safe bet that they've made some changes. A new plot point has been possibly revealed by one of the actors.

by Donyae

Stanley from American Horror Story

AHS: Freak Show’s Most WTF Moments

American Horror Story: Freak Show has been full of crazy moments already in the first half of the season. Some have been far more insane than others. Here are the top five WTF moments that Ryan and the gang have treated us to so far in this season. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't caught up with the season, there are some reveals.

by Donyae

The Walking Dead Screen Shot Ep 5:1

The Walking Dead Will Move Away From the Comic

There is an insane fan theory about Rick going around from The Walking Dead. The once lawful good man has slowly and steadily been slipping into neutral and some would say downright lawful evil territory. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple has confirmed that Rick is most assuredly heading in a darker direction.

by Donyae Coles

Orphan Black

Season 3 Trailer for Orphan Black Shows Sarah Gearing Up For War

A teaser for the next season of Orphan Black reveals new clones getting into the mix. This time, it's war.

by Donyae Coles

The Walking Dead Season Four Promo

Rick Could Be Next Villain in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is on break until February and in the meantime fans are developing theories on everything about whether or not old faces will make a return to who will operate as the next big bad. One fan has a completely wild theory about who that might be.

by Donyae Coles

American Horror Story Freak Show

Details for AHS Finale Released

Is it too early to start speculating on the season finale for American Horror Story: Freak Show? Trick question, it's never too early. The show is currently in its mid-season break and will not return until after the New Year. With the way it ended, we have some ideas.

by Donyae Coles

Battlestar Galactica

Film And Television Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Box Sets, Artsy Prints And Metal Monstrosities For All Of Your Favorite Franchises

Christmas is very, very soon but there's still time to put in an IOU under the tree for your favorite film and television fan in your life. This year, give the gift of box sets, but if they have all those, we have some unique little tchotchkes they might be interested in.

by Steve Buja

The Walking Dead

Cobalt Gets Female Lead And More Setting Information

There has been another addition to The Walking Dead spinoff codenamed Cobalt. They've added their main female lead, rounding out the major cast. We've also got some details regarding the time and setting of the new spinoff.

by Donyae

Constantine Television Still

Constantine To Return After Mid-Season Break At Earlier Time

Constantine has had a rough first season and it looks like the rough ride isn't quite over yet but the good news is, this dog is still in the fight.

by Donyae

Tyrion from Season 5 of Game of Thrones

A New Bearded Tyrion in HBO Wrap Up Video

HBO has released their end of the year video chronicling the good times and the bad times of their past year of programming. Nestled in between the end of the Boardwalk Empire and scenes from upcoming show Westworld, fans were treated to some scenes from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

by Donyae Coles

American Horror Story

AHS Moving To Alabama for Season Five?

American Horror Story: Freak Show isn't over yet but there are already theories on what season 5 will bring. Every season is drastically different from the last with no obvious connections between them so it's impossible to tell from the current season what tales are in store for the next. Some industrious fans have leaked photos that could reveal what season five is all about.

by Donyae Coles

Salem Season 2 Promo

Season Two of Salem Promises To Be As Intense As The First

Salem is coming back for season two and the second teaser trailer has been released proving that things are about to really heat up for the magic infested town. In the first teaser, Mary Sibley let us all know that it was time for a witch war. The second trailer affirms this.

by Donyae Coles

Bruce Campbell

The Deadites Are Coming To A Television Near You In Ash Vs. Evil Dead

You know what's never a bad time? Anytime Ash is fighting Deadites. Luckily for people everywhere, Bruce Campbell will be coming back to do just that. On television. Ash vs. Evil Dead will be a 10 episode Starz series debuting in 2015.

by Donyae Coles

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