‘NieR: Automata’ Guide: How To Defeat The Secret Boss Level 99 Emil

By Allan , Updated Mar 29, 2017 04:22 AM EDT

One of the familiar characters in “NieR: Automata” is the nice but strange Emil. This time, Emil is not just a salesman but also a hidden boss that players must defeat when found in the game. The only big challenge in defeating him is that he’s at level 99.

He is considered the strongest boss in the game so players really need to get ready before facing him. Of course, the only way to face him is if players have already finished the game. According to Gameranx, a player must at least be level 48 to be able to defeat him. If not, better do some XP farming to reach the level before finding him.

Secret Boss Level 99 Emil Location

Emil is one of the surviving characters from the first installment of “NieR: Automata” and he is now just a salesman in a traveling item shop. To find him, players should go to City Ruins: Center area and head to the entrance of Desert Zone according to Gameranx. When players find him, they must shoot him at least once with a blaster and it will stop him from purchasing.

From there, players should head to his house which is located just around the crater of City Ruins: Center. The entrance is through a big sewer pipe where water flows. Just jump in it and enter the elevator to get inside Emil’s house. If the player already finished the Lunar Tears side quest, his house should open where players can get free items to keep. Then take one of the masks with Emil’s face on the display.

How to Fight Hidden Boss Level 99, Emil

After invading Emil’s house, players should go back to Emil and speak with him. Twinfinite reports he is located in the same place, the entrance of Desert Zone. This is the part where Emil will mention that someone has been in his house and stealing items. Then players must go back to his house again but this time having a 9S on hand too. There should be a treasure chest in it that players must open to trigger the big boss battle.

Attempt to leave the area and Emil will quickly attack the player into the dark chamber. And this is where the battle begins. Emil is a very strong boss that players need to be at least in level 48 to incur damages to him.

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