‘Overwatch’ News: Newest Collectibles Now Available; 24-Inch Illidan Stormrage, 18-Inch Grommash Hellscream For $350 Each

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 07, 2017 11:27 PM EDT

"Overwatch" creator Blizzard launched its own collectible series previously and offered premium statues of some of the game's characters.  Now it is time for Widowmaker to make its debut and is now available for preorders.  This is in addition to Tracer, Reaper,  Illidan Stormrage and Grommash Hellscream that are now available from the company's Gear store.

The latest collectible offering by the company stands at 13.5 inches including the base, which has a 7.5-inch diameter.  Widowmaker is priced similarly to Tracer and Reaper, at $150 each, according to Bitgon.

Each "Overwatch" statue is painstakingly hand painted by individual artists, so there are slight variations on every piece released.  There are currently five products to choose from, but Blizzard promised that more collectibles are on its way.

Game collectible fans with more cash to spare can also get the game's characters Illidan Stormrage and Grommash Hellscream.  Both items are tagged at $350 and stand at 24-inch for Illidan and 18-inch for Grommash. A Heartstone Keepsake Box is also available for $225 that plays Hearthstone music while its lid is open.

"Overwatch's" Widowmaker is described as, "'One shot, one kill.' When Widowmaker was younger, she feared spiders. But after coldly assassinating her husband, she realized the truth: at the moment of the kill, spiders are never more alive."

Meanwhile, the game's World Cup for this year has been announced.  Once again, instead of esports organization competing with one another,  Blizzard has decided that participants will choose by countries instead, ESPN reported.

The top 100 "Overwatch" players from every country will be monitored during the competition, which will then be narrowed down the top 32 nations.  From there it will be moved to the top eight countries that will compete in the World Cup finals.  Blizzard will host the event on Nov. 3 to 4 in Anaheim, California. Last year, it was Gong "Miro" Jin-hyuk, from South Korea, who emerged as the champion. Watch the upcoming "Overwatch" Widowmaker statue with a dynamic pose here:


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