‘Destiny: Age Of Triumph’ Guide: The Secret Trick To Quickly Finish Templar Challenge

By Allan , Updated Apr 06, 2017 08:43 PM EDT

The Templar Challenge for “Destiny: Age of Triumph” is one of the most difficult challenges from the Vault of Glass. Even the most seasoned teams will have to work extra hard to complete it. Fortunately, a new discovery has been found that quickly and easily defeats the Templar Challenge and that is what this guide is all about.

Understanding the Templar Challenge

In order to win this challenge, players need to block the teleports of the Templar to prevent them from summoning the Vex Minotaurs in the arena. To do that, Gamerant says players must get the boss in the right position. As soon as the battle starts, the Templar will appear at the top of the staircase and it will attack any player in its way.

“Destiny: Age of Triumph” Players must stop them from summoning the Oracles which usually happens when their shields drop. However, the most difficult part of the challenge is when the Templar starts to teleport because players must block it by standing in the center of the red ring.

The Secret Trick For a Quick Win in Templar Challenge

To easily win the challenge, Polygon reports players must have a Nightstalker Hunter that has a Tether and a Warlock that has a Vortex grenade who should be standing in front of the boss. As soon as the relic holder uses their super to drop the shield of the Templar, let the Hunter and the Warlock use their items.

If this is done properly, the Templar should slightly move backward so the relic holder can set up at the right side of the boss. The pillar can be used as a block to any incoming hits. And all that needs to be done is to block any attempt of teleportation in the Vault of Glass challenge in “Destiny: Age of Triumph."

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