‘Destiny: Age Of Triumph’ Guide: How To Use Knuckles Of Eao

By Allan , Updated Apr 04, 2017 05:31 AM EDT

In the latest events of “Destiny: Age of Triumph”, players are introduced to a new game item Knuckles of Eao. This game item can only be used before specific events in the game and is only received when a certain task is completed. And this article will guide players how to acquire the item and how to use it properly.

What are the Knuckles of Eao

The Knuckles of Eao is primarily used to increase the drops of a major boss. It must be used before the fight to activate the item. And so far, the only way to acquire is by finishing any part of the featured raid of the week. Last week, the featured raid is Crota’s End and players will receive it as soon as they finish the Abyss section. However, It looks like each account can only receive one of it each week. 

How to Use Knuckles of Eao

As mentioned earlier, the best way to use this game item in “Destiny: Age of Triumph” is to activate it before the fight with the big boss of the featured raid according to Gamerant. As soon as the fight starts, the boss will start dropping additional items. The great thing about it is players can choose when to use it. They can use it the following week, in this case, it’s the Vault of Glass or any other week they wish.

Keep in mind that the Knuckles of Eao can only increase the boss drops and not the challenge mode drop according to Red 5 Apps. So for players hoping to receive two elemental main weapons will have to do the challenge using a different character or wait after four weeks when the raid cycle has changed. But for players aiming for the King’s Fall or Crota raid armor, they can take advantage of the Knuckles of Eao in “Destiny: Age of Triumph”.

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