Users Report Nintendo Switch Warping Defect

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 05, 2017 05:16 AM EDT

The Nintendo Switch continues to be in demand as retailers struggle to replenish their stocks of the hybrid gaming system. However, despite its success, the Switch has its fair share of problems that include the Joy-Con sync issues, Wi-Fi connectivity issues and the defective units that get bricked. Meanwhile, several users have reported that there are Switch units that have warping issues. Some sources have labeled the reported problem as "Warpgate".

The warping defect issues recently popped up after previous reports where users claim that their Nintendo Switch is falling apart with cracks and sometimes chips. Users have posted their complaints on social media to share photos of their units becoming deformed. It has been noted that the bending is not very drastic, where gamers can no longer play with their device. However, it is apparently noticeable, as reported by Game Rant.

Several users have shared their experience with the warping defect on Reddit, but the exact number of units affected has not been documented. Therefore, it is not known how widespread the newly reported Nintendo Switch issue has become and its causes. Several users have suggested that the problem comes from the system being used while docked for long periods of time. A user complained that they have played with the unit for almost 50 hours while docked.

 It seems that they are blaming the Nintendo Switch's warping defect from the heat generated by the system when it is docked. Meanwhile, some users have shot down the speculations that the bending comes from the system being docked while playing. Some users have even claimed that their systems have been exclusively docked for more than 150 hours yet no damage was reportedly observed. Analysts suggest that it might be a few select units that have quality defects from manufacturing.

Last month, Nintendo issued an official explanation for the widespread Joy-Con sync issues that plagued several units, says Gamenguide. The company has admitted that it was a manufacturing oversight which caused the controller problems. Therefore, it is possible that the warping defect might have originated from the same lack of quality control during the console's manufacturing process.

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