'Overwatch': South Korean Aimbot Maker Arrested

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 06, 2017 05:54 AM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment appears to be cracking down hard on "Overwatch" cheaters. Just recently, the developer has succeeded in having a South Korean hacker who offered aimbot hacks arrested. The hacker was reported to have provided different cheat services that gave "Overwatch" players an overwhelming advantage over others. It was also noted that the arrested individual was only 17 years old.

The information regarding the arrest of the "Overwatch" aimbot maker was originally reported by the South Korean site Daum, but was translated by a Reddit user named Calycae. The hacker was reportedly a high school dropout who only graduated middle school. Game Rant reports that the hacker learned his skills through an Anonymous hack clip during the fourth grade, and everything apparently started from there onwards.

The South Korean hacker sold his aimbot and other hacks for $70 to $100 each. It was noted that he had close to 1000 customers who purchased the aim assistance programs as well as other cheats. It appears that he had a profitable business selling programs to specifically work on "Overwatch", which was estimated to have already earned around $140,000 through the illegitimate practices.

Several players can surely confirm that some hackers with aim-assist programs ruin the team-based cooperation and mechanics of "Overwatch". It obviously destroys the competitive spirit of the shooter due to the unfair advantage given to players who run hacks. Blizzard Entertainment has been doing its best to combat these unsportsmanlike conducts on all platforms. A previous article from Gamenguide also confirmed that the developer does not encourage console players to use a mouse and keyboard accessory during online play.

Just recently, Blizzard Entertainment won an $8 million lawsuit against a cheat service provider called Bossland. The company offered cheat programs for "Overwatch" and "World of Warcraft". It appears that the developer is serious about its crackdown on cheaters. However, some individuals think that the arrest of the 17-year old aimbot maker is too harsh.

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