'Final Fantasy XV': Square Enix Teases Future Ardyn DLC

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 05, 2017 05:21 AM EDT

Hajime Tabata seems to be already planning way ahead into the future when it comes to DLC content for "Final Fantasy XV". Square Enix has just recently released the "Episode Gladiolus DLC, but it seems that the developer has already considered more DLC content other than the officially announced ones already. In a recent interview, Tabata was reportedly asked if his team might be interested in expanding more about Ardyn Izunia and the lore surrounding him.

The "Final Fantasy XV" director reportedly answered with "we do have plans for something like that," and also added, "please look forward to it." Based on his statement, it obviously tells fans of the RPG to expect a future DLC expansion that focuses on Ardyn and his backstory. Game Rant notes that the character was initially introduced to players as an enigmatic adventurer and later as the game's proper antagonist.

Sources claim that unlike the villains featured in past "Final Fantasy" games, where their motivations and backstory were properly explained to the player, "Final Fantasy XV" strangely left Ardyn's lore unfinished. Fans might have felt that Square Enix might have gone the lazy route and just intentionally kept details about him vague. It has been noted that a large number of players wanted the developer to add more content to address some of the game's missing plot elements, which are not limited to Ardyn only.

Several reports have established that Ardyn is one of the more popular characters in "Final Fantasy XV" and it is great to know that Hajime Tabata and his team are aware of it. The character is apparently deeply involved with the RPG's story. Speculations also assume that the future DLC content might introduce a different approach to gameplay. Just like the latest "Episode Gladiolus" DLC which reportedly featured more action-oriented gameplay.

Destructoid points out that "Final Fantasy XV" has developed into more like an MMO, where there is a consistent flow of updates and fixes. Besides the planned Ardyn DLC content, fans are reportedly happy with how Square Enix has handled the RPG post launch.

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