‘NieR Automata’ Guide: Where To Find Emil & The Secret Item He Sells

By Allan , Updated Apr 07, 2017 11:41 PM EDT

Emil is one of the hardest NPC to find in “NieR Automata”. He will start to go around the City Ruins when players finish the main story of the game in the Forest Zone. The first time players will meet him is somewhere in the path towards the Desert Camp. The easiest way to find him is to look for his head on the map and that is his exact location.

On the first encounter, Emil will sell plug-in chips to “NieR Automata” players. It is a bit expensive but most of the items he sells will be useful for the players like Vengeance and Overclock according to Twinfinite. The first talk will also unlock a side mission that will get players the Lunar Tear Trophy upon completion.

The next encounter which is also the second place where people can find him is close to the abandoned factory according to Game FAQs. If players can find him here, players can buy mid-tier upgrade items. If players have enough money, this item is the easiest way to upgrade weapons so players should consider buying it.

The last and final place where players can find Emil is around the waterfall just outside the Resistance camp. Locating him in this area is probably the hardest but if players do find him, they will have a chance to buy two weapons and top-tier upgrade items. Once again, the price is a bit expensive but its one of the easy ways to fully upgrade weapons in the game.

Finding Emil, especially in the third route, can be a bit challenging. Players will get a hint where he lives the first time they talk to him. And if players stop him on his way to the second spot, he will comment about the aggressiveness of the player. Continue talking to Emil until he has nothing else to say and it will lead the player to the third spot. Although it may take a couple of reloads until this is triggered, it's well worth it when the new weapon and useful items are acquired.

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