Project Scorpio Vs Nintendo Switch Performance: Microsoft Focuses On Fancier Graphics, Nintendo On Storage

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 11, 2017 06:29 AM EDT

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio is slated to cater to a market willing to pay for improved visuals. However, the upcoming console may have to compete with the recently launched Nintendo Switch which boasts more expansive storage for gameplay and more places to play games with. Note that the hybrid console can be played both as a home console and as a portable device.

Scorpio Vs. Switch Battles As Second Console

It has already been made clear that the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio is set to outperform the PlayStation 4 in the market. Microsoft is currently boasting that the device will be able to deliver native 4k in its true form. With the Sony PS4 currently in the market, both the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio and the Nintendo Switch are gunning for a market of second-gen console buyers in the fall.

Apparently, when the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio developers chose to focus on fancier graphics, the Nintendo Switch increased the capability of games stored in the console. Take note that the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio will feature a limited library of curated games at par with its predecessor. However, it may be easier to market a new experience with at least one excellent exclusive than it is to explain a concept like 4k, Telegraph reported.

Microsoft Reveals More About Scorpio's Hardware

Meanwhile, Microsoft is expected to bring more understanding to their upcoming hardware via Digital Foundry. It is expected that hardware specifications would be detailed more than upcoming games on the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio. Note that Digital Foundry is hardware-oriented and is known for stressing on intense detail on graphics capabilities.

The Microsoft Xbox Scorpio is set to be more powerful than its base model, not unlike the PS4 Pro. However, both the PS4 Pro and the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio represent a new concept for the console industry, akin to the constantly upgrading world of PCS with the simplicity of consoles, Forbes reported. However, both will share their libraries with their less powerful predecessors.


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