'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Know The Finest, Crowdsourced & Other Maps That Could Help You Catch Rare Pokemon

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 29, 2016 02:53 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" players are still in search for finding the best Pokemon Map to help them catch the rarest Pokemon in town. In fact, third party developers are continuously on the rise to build different kinds of apps that will help these gamers hunt the likes of Pikachu and more.

The Finest Map

The best Pokemon Map a "Pokemon Go" player can have is not using crowdsourcing. It can straightly get the information from the data Niantic is sending to the game's clients, like PokeVision. According to PC World, PokeVision can give real-time updates of the monsters nearby and the time it will de-spawn and be gone. Although it can be hard to use at times, it is an effective way to find a rare Pokemon.

Other Usable Maps

Aside from PokeVision, Pokecrew.com also directly starts to search on the "Pokemon Go" player's location and will begin to reveal Pokemon nearby. If the gamer is in Boston, a Google Map identified as Gotta Catch 'Em All have the entire places and record of rare Pokemon found in the area by other users. A different Google Map also goes for Seattle and Tennessee.

CNET added that Pokefind, too, can be a big help for "Pokemon Go" players for carrying other features like classifying Pokemon by type. It also has an evolution calculation that lets the user check the Combat Power the monster can contain after it evolves.

Crowdsourced Maps

Additionally, Pokemapper gives a global look at the positions of Pokemon, but not as good compared to other sites. Mapokemon, on the other hand, is another crowdsourced map that holds the sites of gym and PokeStop worldwide. It can also be seen with pins that carry the picture's IP address to avoid spamming and regarded as real or fake by other "Pokemon Go" users for accuracy.

Although crowdsourcing is not the best option for "Pokemon Go" players, it has the ability to avoid crashing or stalling. The only disadvantage of using it is the Pokemon can be easily detected and caught by others, especially if the gamer is living in a small town.

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