'Agents of SHIELD' Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: ABC Premiere Saw Ghost Rider, SHIELD Legitimized

By Mary P. Jones , Updated Sep 30, 2016 11:47 PM EDT

"Agents of SHIELD"  Season 4 commenced on Sept. 20 with its new timeslot at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Marvel released a brief new teaser of the upcoming season that shows that vengeance will be coming to the show as Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) steps in. Director Coulson will also team up with Mack to track the Inhumans.

The "Agents of SHIELD" teaser showed that S.H.I.E.L.D. will be legitimized after the Sokovia Accords have been considered and Hydra obliterated. The agency will no longer need to operate in the shadows and will be operating under a new leadership since Coulson has been presumed dead, Comic Book Movie reported.

Meanwhile, Coulson makes a comeback as an agent and teams up with Mack to track down and confirm the presence of the Enhance people, also knowns as the Inhumans. The duo have been tracking Daisy, better known as Quake, who has gone rogue to make up for the sins from the past. However, Daisy is believed to be a dangerous outlaw who has taken down bridges and banks so that the new Director is on the objective of taking her down for good. Agent May will be the training specialist strike teams.

Simmons and Fitz are ready to take the next big step forward in their relationship. However, their relationship has caused other team members difficulty in confiding in or trusting Fitz. Simmons recently got promoted as the new Special Advisor to the Director in Science and Technology, AV Club reported.

"Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 will also see fire from hell from the Spirit of Vengeance, the Ghost Rider. This Hell Charger was created by Roy Thomas, Mike Ploog, and Gary Friedrich in 1972's "Marvel Spotlight #5" and has evolved through many forms and human hosts but all have the same thirst for revenge. The Ghost Rider has all the enhancements of a superhero with the ability to give commands over hellfire, his wicked mode of transportation, and unending chains. Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 "Vengeance" Promo (HD) Ghost Rider


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