PlayStation 4 Latest News & Updates: A Slicker & Slimmer PS 4 Roams Around The World; Specs Revelation

By Rennie Quilab , Updated Oct 14, 2016 09:09 AM EDT

PlayStation 4 is now on a matte sandpaper finish compared to the half glossy one of the original device.Indeed, it is a lot nicer and twenty-five percent lighter just like what Sony revealed. As soon as owners hold it with their both hands, they can evidently feel the difference between the two. However, it wouldn't matter that much unless they are carrying their console all the time and it does not happen for most people.

As per reported by Digital Trends, the PlayStation 4 Slim has no longer an optical audio jack, space and component cost savings as it used to have. But on the brighter side of it, it is supposed to run quitter (you meant quieter?) and cooler. Most of the players are annoyed of the fan which they often hear while playing, but with PlayStation 4 Slim, players are surprised that the annoying sound of the fan is now gone.

There is also a new tweaked Dual Shock 4 controller that is considered to be one of the biggest improvements in which it has a lighted strip above the touchpad. This also goes well with the ability to be plugged into the PlayStation 4 Slim's USB port that enables better response times while gaming.

However, for the current PlayStation 4 owners, there are talks that it is not really worth upgrading if users just want a slightly slimmer, quieter version of what they already own. But if owners do not have the original, then it makes a lot of sense if they will be purchasing the new and upgraded one.

It will be very delightful if video apps such as Netflix and Amazon get updated to support the HDR capabilities as well. Although HDR support exists on paper, but to test it, it will be the best advice to wait for new games that support HDR to come out or for older games to be patched, as per Expert Reviews.

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