‘Diablo III’ Latest News & Update: Blizzard Develops Necromancer Class for 2017 Comeback; Gameplay & New Skills

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 05, 2016 11:16 PM EDT

The Necromancer will make a comeback at "Diablo III" and BlizzCon 2016 served well as a mine of information about this character from previous games. Moreover, developer Blizzard clears up some suspicions that Necromancer will only confuse the gameplay of its successor, the Witch Doctor.

It seems that everyone from Blizzard loves the original Necromancer so he will pack more punch here at "Diablo III" compared to his derivative Witch Doctor - at least in theory. Players already know that Necromancer from previous Diablos summons skeletons but there are key differences to current gameplay. Notable among these differences is the skill to purpose these skeletons into active attack mode, in contrast to passive nature of Witch Doctor's summons.

Since we already began dissecting what Necromancer is capable of doing in "Diablo III," we may as well spoil a lot of game strategy for this returning character. Witch Doctors currently depends on mana but Blizzard decided to make Necromancer dependent on essence instead. Burning up essence will allow the player to summon up to maximum of 10-skeleton crew. This can be done through the classic spell Corpse Explosion, GameSpot reported.

There are new reasons to get excited playing the Necromancer class in "Diablo III" as well. He sports a new skill called Siphon Blood which acts as life stealer whenever health is compromised. Then there is a new teleportation skill through Blood Rush. A lethal Army of the Dead spell is another spell that summons waves of skeletons that can be channeled to attack and explode at pinpoint location, according to "Diablo III" BattleNet.

So, getting excited and convinced of overpowered Necromancer? Unfortunately, "Diablo III" will release this character in mid-2017. Blizzard promised that there are lots of other surprises in store which they will announce ahead of release for this character pack. Take note, the developer is going to release this class not through an expansion but a character pack called "The Rise of the Necromancer."

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