‘Nebula Realms’ Latest News & Update: Xaloc Studio Recalls the Game from PlayStation Network Because of Faulty Servers

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 04, 2016 06:28 AM EDT

"Nebula Realms" is withdrawing from PlayStation Network after just a week from launch due to problematic servers. Xaloc Studios finally ran out of explanation and decided that it is best to deploy full overhaul instead of existing crappy version. "Nebula Realms" caused too much stress due to prolonged waiting game for both developer and expecting players.

First things first, "Nebula Realms" is a sort of social chat room with 3D functionalities. It aims to connect player to players through several mini-games packed inside the server. This title was supposed to invade PlayStation and Steam, if not for the issues of server stability.

To recall, "Nebula Realms" server issue started from day 1 but it was on Oct 29 that the developer and community manager admitted that they are problematic. The following day, Oct 30 was supposed to be the re-scheduled launch but then Xaloc used stability issue again for excuse. It was few hours later when Xaloc Team gave an update that improvements and bugs were addressed. What the team calls "bottleneck" was also fixed but it was apparent that there was already a looming tension over that weekend.

Since that day, Xaloc complained that there were abusive posts made by angry players in "Nebula Realm" shoutbox, Tech Raptor reported. This situation was pacified two days later when the servers went live, only to switch off few minutes later. Xaloc Team explained that the servers can't open to public because of another stability issue.

The killing shot happened on Nov 3rd when Xaloc Team finally announced that their servers aren't ready to handle huge amount of data transfer so the cause for constant crash during tests. This apologetic statement further stressed that albeit everything done to keep the game running, the final option is to recall "Nebula Realms" from PlayStation Network. Xaloc Studios doesn't have any tentative date yet for the next release date but it seems that it is going to take a while. Xaloc Team said they will take their time to fix the game servers.

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