Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update: Capcom Plans to Carry PlayStation 4, Xbox One Titles to Nintendo

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 09, 2016 07:50 PM EST

With Capcom having a good relationship with Nintendo, it is no surprise to hear that the former appears on the list of developers willing to support Nintendo Switch with their blockbuster titles.

Ok, it is given that Nintendo Switch is ever so secretive and there are limited information when talking about specs and what this console can do. There were bits being thrown to keep the hype alive but nothing sufficient to truly dissect what's under the hood of Nintendo Switch. However, the only thing for sure is that there are big guns in the industry willing to support Nintendo and we can count Nintendo as one of them.

There is no hope to prematurely guess the final array of title available on Nintendo Switch launch - probably not until January 12 Nintendo event. But the whole guessing game could still narrow down basing on the names of developers jumping into the bandwagon. Capcom is among those companies present during shareholder meeting, NeoSeeker reported.

So what could third-party developers like Capcom add to clear the nebulous nature of Nintendo Switch? We can at least presume titles associated with these developers. For example, if Capcom is in, therefore is the assumption that "Resident Evil" or "Street Fighter" franchises have high tendencies to make it into Nintendo Switch. Of course, they can always develop future iteration ported for all platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox as well.

Remember that both titles are absent since Wii U, so news about Capcom brushing shoulders against Nintendo Switch excites the gaming world. Not only that it can compliment "Mega Man" or "Breath of Fire" but these titles are top of the line. So at least everything is finally taking shape 4 months before Nintendo Switch launches.

Or how about, say, "Dragon's Dogma," "Dark Arisen," or "Okami?" Whew, the possibilities are actually limitless now that Capcom is onboard Nintendo Switch. How about you? Which Capcom title do you want ported for Nintendo Switch?

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