Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Scam Alert! The Nintendo Switch Beta Hardware Is A Hoax!

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 18, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Fans of the latest Nintendo Switch should be extra careful with online deals especially after an online scam was discovered. People have been made aware that the Nintendo Switch Beta is a hoax and should not be trusted. These sites were created by scammers in the hopes of milking the excited fans of the Nintendo Switch.

The hybrid console is reportedly arriving in the market sometime in March but, according to Nintendo, it will still reveal the price, specs and released date on January 2017. Nintendo has kept mum about other Nintendo Switch news prompting fans to scour the Internet for more information. Knowing this, the scammers immediately jumped on the hype and create the Nintendo Switch Beta Hoax.

Once victims went on the Nintendo Switch Beta Hoax webpage, they are automatically asked for their email address. These are all professionally made websites with the address or They are complete with good branding and even nicely embedded videos. Majority of the consumers of the Nintendo Switch are kids and will most likely be more vulnerable to these kinds of scams.

The users who signed up will then get an email stating that they have been chosen as one of the few people who will get to experience the new Nintendo Switch beta. Then, the email will present details of the product, stating there will be two switch controllers, one docking station, one system and even an HDMI cable and power adaptor. It also includes a code that they can use to redeem the items and should not be shared with anyone.

Fans should know that Nintendo only uses alphanumeric codes and the poor grammar alone should raise their concerns. The Nintendo Switch Beta hoax only provides numerical codes and did not even proofread their announcement.

The site at the Nintendo Switch Beta Hoax, will again redirect you to click on other suspicious links. Do not do this, as they might be able to hack into your details. After some research, it was revealed that both domains were registered to a man named Fernando Sanchez who lives in the US. The registration was made through last October 23 together with 267 other websites.

Nintendo has never announced a Nintendo Switch Beta promo. Fans should be aware that the official websites are, and Do not fall for the Nintendo Switch Beta hoax!

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