'Civilization VI' Features, Gameplay & Update: DirectX 12 Support Added; Patch Notes Reveal Major Changes, Tweaks & New Content

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 19, 2016 10:08 AM EST

Firaxis updates "Civilization VI" with DirectX 12 support and new multiplayer goodies. These include a new multiplayer game mode, two maps, and bug fixes.

"Civilization VI" Latest News & Update: DirectX 12 Support Added

According to PC World, "Civilization VI" has a big fall update with the new DirectX 12 support. It joins the list of DirectX 12-compatible games including "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided," "Gears of War 4," and "Forza Horizon 3."

"Civilization: Beyond Earth" has AMD Support, the precursor of DirectX 12, and Vulkan support. Both improve the games overall performance in multi-GPU CrossFire systems. This is through split frame rendering wherein each graphics card renders their assigned portion of the frame. However, split frame rendering will not be back for "Civilization VI."

"Civilization VI" Update: Radeon 7000-series Graphics Card Or Better Needed

Firaxis and AMD are teaming up to support DirectX 12 multi-adapter and compute technologies for "Civilization VI." With this, players of "Civilization VI" with DirectX 12 support need a graphics card Radeon 7000-series or better that is released since 2012. They can also have a Nvidia GTX 750, GTX 900-series, or GTX 10-series card. According to Tom's Hardware, "Civilization VI" update also includes Logitech ARX support. This allows users to get additional game information through their smartphones or company's app.

"Civilization VI" Update: Patch Notes For Gameplay And Contents Revealed

Gamespot reveals patch notes for "Civilization VI." The update gives new two balanced maps called "Four-Leaf Clover" and "Six-Armed Snowflake" for four and six players. These maps can be played online and offline, and forces the players to move toward the center to encourage more conflict.

A new scenario called "Cavalry and Cannonades" is also added in "Civilization VI." In the new combat and time-limited scenario, players need to obtain the most territory in just 50 turns. It is played with low maintenance costs for units and without strategic resource requirements for additional troops. "Civilization VI" update also allows players to rename cities and give them with additional time defeat whenever they fail to beat the game before the final year.

"Civilization VI" gameplay updates also include additional notifications, Hotkey support, time defeat for running out of time, and changed Dan Quayle rankings. Players can also rename the cities, view the next tile in which a city will grow to through the added UI, and use the additional visual cue for Barbarian Scouts. More updates for balance changes, AI Tuning, bug fixes and changes in visuals, music and misc are revealed.

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