'Batman: Arkham' Latest News & Update: Leaked Details On The New Game; Damian Wayne As The Main Character? 'Suicide Squad' Game Coming In 2017?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 26, 2016 11:15 AM EST

A brand new "Batman: Arkham"  game that will feature Bruce Wayne's son, Damien might have been leaked by Warner Bros Games Montreal in its latest promotional and recruitment footage. There were rumors back in June that the studio is currently developing the "Batman: Arkham Origins" but at the same they are also working on a "Suicide Squad" game as well.

The new "Batman: Arkham"  game is reported be set 10 years in the future, featuring Bruce Wayne as an old man with a beard and uses a walking stick, mentoring his son Damien to fill his shoes as the new Batman. According to WWG, Damian Wayne will have a Batbike and will be facing iconic villains from the Batman Comics, Flamingo, Poison Ivy and White Rabbit.

The leaked "Batman: Arkham" game also introduces new characters and redesigns like the Black Mask as a female character and some upgrades to the Batcave. Apparently Dick Grayson will be the Nightwing and will have his head shaved. The"Batman: Arkham" game story is similar to the Batman Beyond cartoons and will take place in more than just one night.

Aside from the "Batman: Arkham"  game, a NeoGaf member also posted some details on the "Suicide Squad" game which is expected to be released next year. "Suicide Squad" will be a "brawler" type coop-action game where you can create and upgrade your personalized avatar in the WB Games Montreal game.

It is still unclear on who among the "Suicide Squad" members will appear since the information on the leak includes "many characters to choose". Warner Bros. Games Montreal also posted a video about the expansion of the DC Universe in an "interactive" space and shows a few clips of the open world game in development and where the possible "Batman: Arkham" game was hinted according to Wccftech.

Stay tuned for more news here on GameNGuide as we give you the latest update on the "Batman: Arkham"  and "Suicide Squad" game by the WB Games Montreal.

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