'Marvel Vs. Capcom" Latest, News & Update: Will Be Offically Announced At The PlayStation Exerience?Unofficial Images Released

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 27, 2016 11:38 PM EST

"Marvel vs. Capcom" 4 might be confirmed or revealed next week at the PlayStation Experience. There have been images and information that were uploaded on the internet. However, there are still no official announcements from either Marvel or Capcom on these alleged images and information.

"I wasn't going to share this, but enough beating around the bush: a few other GAFers and myself were told about a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 announcement at PSX," said one users from the forum NeoGaf who have shared an information about the "Marvel vs. Capcom" 4. "I didn't think it would happen for all of the obvious reasons, but there you go. We'll know for certain in eight days," he then continued.

Comic Book reported that there were three images of the "Marvel vs. Capcom" 4 that were released on the internet. The images hinted that the latest crossover game from Marvel and Capcom could be released next year which is in line for their 20th anniversary of "Marvel vs. Capcom" series.

The first image reported, was an image for their two decades of" Marvel vs Capcom" games its sort of an introduction on how the gaming crossover began. Marvel and Capcom started their partnership in 1996 with "X-Men vs. Street Fighter" which came out in 1998.

The second image that was leaked was the number "4" uncovering itself along with a collage of characters form the Marvel Comics like Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Wolverine. The "Marvel vs. Capcom" alleged image gives us a peek of The Thing from "Fantastic Four".

The final image released as the number "4" can now be seen clearly together with the Marvel, Capcom and Playstation 4 logos that were placed at the bottom of the image. That only means that the "Marvel vs. Capcom" 4 might be released and will be exclusive for the Playstation 4 consoles.

"Marvel vs. Capcom" fans might have to wait until next Saturday for the official announcement from Marvel, Capcom and Playstation 4 when the PlayStation Experience event takes place. Stay tuned here on GameNGuide as we the latest updates whether this game will be officially released by Marvel and Capcom.

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