‘Super Mario Maker’ Hopes To Salvage Wii U’s Dismal Sales Through New 3DS Version; Will It Be Enough To Keep Nintendo Relevant?

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 01, 2016 08:07 AM EST

It's nothing but unfathomed anticipation for Nintendo fans around the world. The Wii U has not actually lived up to previous consoles that have translated unparalleled success. Its hybrid Switch platform is not out until next year and the new Zelda game called "Breath of the Wild" might not even be available for the Switch's launch. So what is Nintendo actually doing to stay relevant in a market dominated by VR headsets, Sony's PS4 Pro and Microsoft's Xbox One S?

To fill the void created by the lack of gaming material this season, Nintendo has actually done something to hold gamers at bay before it releases a ton of new gaming content next year. If you remembered the Wii U's fun and quite hilarious side scrolling platform video game/creator simulator titled "Super Mario Maker", good news. The 3DS version of the game is now available. The only question is, will it draw similar success to its Wii U version?

Will "Super Mario Maker 3DS" Live Up To Expectations?

Metacritic has scored the game with 75, which is a far cry for the Wii U's solid 88 rating. There is a reason why the new version "Super Mario Maker" was not able to get a satisfactory rating. Nintendo has made tons of bad decisions before and not being able to upload levels from other gamers through the web is such a big disappointment. 

Players can still share with friends in the 3DS' local network, but it would be like sharing it on an isolated island. It would probably be added to the list of Nintendo's bad decisions. But as a consolation, being able to play it on the 3DS and taking the game anywhere comes as a good time killer and stress reliever for casual gamers. At least the game still holds much of the original version's creativity in terms of content creation of new "Mario" levels.

Is "Super Mario Maker" 3DS Enough To Hold Nintendo's Relevance?

"Super Mario Maker" was a great game for the Nintendo's Wii U console, but despite having a great game Nintendo still wasn't able to take grip against rival competition. The biggest reason would probably be the Wii U's disappointing sales performance.

An article from Business Insider insinuates that many people didn't understand the Wii U's concept. It was a blunder that developers did not fully take advantage of on the touchscreen game controller. Lots of casual gamers really did not want to do away with the old school concept featured in Sony's PS4, which somehow would have shifted if Nintendo fully utilized all of the Wii U's tools.

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