'League of Legends' All Star Event for 2016 Has Solidified its Roster; More Details Revealed

By Ara , Updated Dec 05, 2016 12:18 PM EST

Everyone likes to see famous players duke it out against one another. For the year 2016, Riot Games is not missing out on giving professional players the chance to fight each other in teams comprised differently.  Just who will rise as the victor this time?

'League of Legends' All Star Event: Fire vs Ice was an event that came to life last year 2015. It was a celebration of sportsmanship between two teams comprised of the LCS top players.  For this year, the members of each team are individuals who've done well from various teams.

Just what is so good with the 'League of Legends' All Star Event: Fire vs Ice? Previously, it had been the testing grounds for the Magma Chamber which was later debunked. What gives it quite the thrill is that professional players are given the opportunity to face the other team in 1v1. This isn't a mode that's provided in the normal match up in the game which makes it quite a valuable watch.

For this year, there's a lot of things to consider how the 'League of Legends' All Star Event: Fire vs Ice team rosters were chosen. Basically each member was seeded based on their standing in the IWCQ or the International World Championship Qualifiers. This means that the teams who did so well during Worlds had a better hand at picking which element they'd be assigned to.  Since the 'League of Legends' World Championships has ended last October 30 with SKT T1 as the champions once more, players for the 'League of Legends' All Star Event: Fire vs Ice have been determined.

There haven't been any promotions for any in-game sales or tie ups for this event but knowing Riot Games, there's going to be some gimmicks that'll hopefully entice players worldwide to watch. If you're a little curious as to who had the better hand on choosing their roster and element for the 'League of Legends' All Star Event: Fire vs Ice, you can check out the post by Matt Best.

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