'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Naintic Has Released A Temporary Fix For Delayed And Loading Issues

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 06, 2016 09:41 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" developer, Niantic recently released a solution player's issues when it comes to the loading issues while playing the game since the release of the latest update of the nearby tracker. "Pokemon Go" players are experiencing lags, delayed loading and the worst the game crashes but Niantic has already released a temporary solution to the issue.

One of the issues that the "Pokemon Go" players have experienced is the spinning of the Pokestop it takes a few tries before the items are released. Pokemon Gyms are not seen on the map while the Nearby Pokemon feature fails to provide sightings of Pokemon on the tracker.

Niantic is currently in development in creating a permanent solution to the problem the players are encountering. "Pokemon Go" players should restart their game as a solution for the issues to be temporarily resolved before Niantic can release a permanent patch to the players.

"Trainers, there is a known bug causing delayed loading. We are working on a fix. As a workaround, you can restart the app in order to play," Niantic said in their official "Pokemon Go" Twitter account. According Pokemon Go Pocket the "Pokemon Go" players' feedback and complaints are always welcome to the Niantic team in order for them to enhance their gaming experience.

It has also been reported that Niantic has been delaying the permanent fix to the latency problems in "Pokemon Go" because they will be releasing the fix together with the Generation 2 release. The Generation 2 Pokemon is rumored to be rolling out within this month or the next few days.

"Pokemon Go" players are encouraged to send their feedbacks and issues to their official social media accounts to help Niantic make "Pokemon Go" a better game for the players. Stay tuned for more updates here on GameNGuide on the latest "Pokemon Go" news.

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