'Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: Where to Find the Only Sniper in the Game?

By Ara , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:48 PM EST

With so many weapons to choose from in "Final Fantasy XV", it's hard to decide which ones to keep and not. One of them is the Cerberus Rifle which is the only sniper rifle available in the game, making it a weapon worth keeping. So this guide aims to help players looking for the rifle in the game.

Cerberus Rifle - The Only Sniper Rifle in "Final Fantasy XV"

Aside from being the only sniper rifle in the game, Cerberus Rifle can only be used by Noctis. It is one of the strongest weapon in the game that allows the player to break apart strong enemies into pieces. It is not a legendary weapon but it's the next best thing. In addition, getting access to the legendary weapon requires the player to finish a quest so they can use this weapon to complete it.

Where to Get the Cerberus Rifle?

The Cerberus Rifle in "Final Fantasy XV" can be acquired from the Fort Vaullerey. To get there, players must go with the story of the game until it leads in the exact place. Once the player has reached the area, go inside the fort and find 2 huge hangers across the entrance. Go left from there until a mini airship is spotted on the ground. There should be a hut close, enter it and find the Cerberus Rifle on the table.

More Powerful Weapons in the Game

In "Final Fantasy XV" there are so much more weapons to find and discover. The most powerful one are the Legendary Weapons but players must finish the game before they can access the quest to acquire it. Once the player has finally finished the game, just head to Lestallum and look for a new NPC named Randolph. This NPC offers 5 different quest, each harder than the last one that rewards legendary weapon upon the completion of each task in "Final Fantasy XV".

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