'Dota 2' Cheats,Tips & Tricks: How To Defeat The Great Monkey King; Weaknesses Revealed; How To Pick Right Heroes

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:34 AM EST

The recent "Dota 2" update gave the game an overhaul that may have changed the entire game. One of the new additions to the game is the great and agile Son Wukong, the Monkey King. This new hero seems invincible, but he is not.

The Monkey King who is a master of deception is a new hero in "Dota 2" that appears to be quite a foe if encountered in the battlefield. Here are some ways to defeat this formidable hero in the new world of "Dota 2."

Weaknesses of the Monkey King

The Monkey King, despite his elusiveness, is a tree jumping hero that has a low armor. The new hero of "Dota 2" relies heavily on his spells to evade and escape. Players need to disable and silence him to prevent him from escaping. Actually, players can easily shut this trickster hero. The team must have a hero that can contain and limit his movement by using heroes that can cut down trees with ease, and heroes that have high ground vision.

Heroes that can counter the Monkey King

Storm Spirit has the ability to cut down trees, pursuit heroes, silence and disable them, making this hero the best counter-hero in "Dota 2" against the Monkey King. When things will go sideways and not according to plan, this hero has a great escape ability that you can utilize.

Timbersaw and Batrider are also a good choice to counter the Monkey King in "Dota 2". Timbersaw is a decent hero when it comes to cutting down trees. As mentioned earlier, we need a hero who can acquire high ground vision, something which Batrider is well suited for. Batrider's ultimate ability can also disable the Monkey King.

There are also other heroes that can contribute in stopping the Monkey King. Players can either choose from a silencer or a disabler hero in "Dota 2" like Silencer, Skywrath, Lion, Shaman, and Shadow. Earth Spirit is a good choice too since he can get him away from his AoE. Venomancer can also slow the Monkey King and give damage over time.

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