'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic Labs Increased the Speed Limit In The AR Game

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:31 PM EST

The most hyped game "Pokemon Go" has claimed a lot of accidents in the past. Some trainers met accidents while speeding their way towards the next PokeStop. Because of this, Niantic Labs has tweaked the speed limit for a month or so now, the recent update, this seems to have been increased.

The game developer Niantic Labs, seems to have been tweaking around with the speed limit of "Pokemon Go." The goal for this might be to allow safe gaming experience for all trainers across the world. This is Niantic's effort to safeguard the trainers given that a lot of reported minor and major accidents have been recorded since the game was launched.

The speed limit in "Pokemon Go" has already been lowered several times. This time, they increased it to 30 MPH or so. Players have noticed this change while playing the game. Some were surprised while driving even at low speeds, as they cannot access most of the PokeStops they have passed by. Little did players know, they are not alone. Also, there are lesser sightings of Pokemon when driving and even being a passenger while playing the game. Lesser Pokemon spawn while playing "Pokemon Go" inside the car.

It might be also Niantic Labs' way of reiterating to all trainers that the game is designed for players to have fun and exercise at the same time while playing "Pokemon Go." The game developer might be pushing trainers to step out of the cars.

A representative from Niantic Labs confirmed that the speed limit has been adjusted already so that trainers can gain access to PokeStops while playing "Pokemon Go" and that they are always looking for ways to improve the game and add new flavors to it. They are trying to make the game more comfortable for the good of all the players.

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