'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Updates: Complete Guide On How To Catch A Shiny Pokemon Using The Game's Glitch

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 20, 2016 12:36 PM EST

A shiny Pokemon is one of the most exciting things that a Pokemon player could encounter, they are Pokemon with an alternate color like instead of a blue Gyrados, a player might stumble upon a red skinned Gyrados. However, shiny Pokemon are extremely rare creatures in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon", luckily there is a reported glitch that causes these Pokemon to appear easily in the game.

The simplest way in catching a shiny Pokemon in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is by the "Masuda Method" where it can increase the chances in obtaining one according to WWG. The "Masuda Method" requires the players to breed the Pokemon using a Pokemon from two different countries while the Pokemon is holding a Shiny Charm, which can be obtained when you completed the Pokedex.

In the "Pokemon Sun and Moon", "Swap Breeding" is where a player will need to catch a Ditto first which is has the item, Destiny Knot and breed with a Magikarp until they can produce a Shiny Magikarp. When a player hatches a Shiny Magikarp they have to remember how may eggs they had to hatch before the shiny Magikarp.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players have to reset the game without saving and replacing the Magikarp to other Pokemon they'd like to breed. The players can then collect the same amount of eggs when they initially did with the Shiny Magikarp then they can now hatch a new Shiny Pokemon.

Since the Magikarp only needs a few amount of time to hatch compared to any other Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", replacing it with a Dratini will save players a lot of time. However, there are set backs in this process where it needs an extra egg when dealing with genderless Pokemon and by not giving a Ditto the Destiny Knot item can "reset" the chain which will disregard the player's efforts.

The "Swap Breeding" will only work if the player is using the "Masuda Method" and a Shiny Charm according to a thread on Reddit. Stay tuned here in GameNGuide for more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" tips and tricks.

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