'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: The Game Consumes A Huge Amount Of Data; Here Is The Reason Why

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 18, 2016 07:58 PM EST

The "Super Mario Run" has just been released later this week and has been downloaded over 2.8 million times in just 48 hours which was enjoyed by the players who have downloaded it. It was announced by the creator himself Shigeru Miyamoto that Nintendo's mobile game will need constant internet connection which disappointed some players. To add to the disappointment, it was recently discovered that the game consumes a lot of data that frustrated fans even further.

BGR reported that the "Super Mario Run" consumes 40-75 MB per hour and will depend on the exact gameplay style and mode that the players are playing. If players would play an hour everyday especially to those players who are killing time when riding public transportations it will cost up to 1.5GB per month.

Sources from the Apple Insider said that the reason why Super Mario Run consumes a huge amount data because of it "abnormally high server load" while the launch period was in place. The high demand of the game causes some of Nintendo's server to ineffectively work and therefore consume more data than the usual.

"Until the server load lightens up, and for that first level load, though, play on wi-fi," an Apple App Store Engineer said regarding the high demands of the "Super Mario Run" in its first few days. "Unless you're on Comcast, you're good to go, and if you hit the Comcast cap playing it, you've got other problems," he continued.

Some of the "Super Mario Run" players were unable to play the game because of the internet connection needed that causes the level pack downloads which are mandatory to fail, forcing the app to re-download the data. Because of the repeated download, some players would consume over 150 megabytes after a tutorial will play before playing the game.

The "Super Mario Run" is yet to be released on Android devices and might be encountering the same issues with the iOS regarding the data consumed. GameNGuide will keep you updated on the latest "Super Mario Run" news.

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