Pangu, Lucas Todesco Manuevering For First iOS 10 Jailbreak Release

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 22, 2016 01:35 PM EST

The wait is on for an iOS 10 jailbreak with Apple releasing iOS 10.2. It has been over a week now and no jailbreaking tool has surfaced.

Lucas Todesco has surprising been more aggressive and vocal about a potential crack, singling out the possibility for iOS 10.1.1. As mentioned in a previous post, this had to do with a kernel and root exploit that was originally discovered by developer Ian Beer.

Such gives users all the reason to delay any plans to update to iOS 10.2 though Apple has technically issued an ultimatum. With iOS 10.2 out in the open, the Cupertino company has stopped signing iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1, meaning users who upgrade to the latest Apple OS will no longer be able to downgrade.

While Apple’s move is not surprising, it is the viability of iOS 10.2 that comes to mind. Reports are coming in that the latest mobile operating system release has not fully addressed bugs, most especially the dreaded 30% battery drain issue, Forbes reported.

The latest update further appends the woes brought in by iOS 10, plenty of which were tied up to compatibility and security issues. With iOS 10.2, the celebrated iTunes security issue has allegedly not been addressed as well.

Todesco has been closely monitored for a potential iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak right now. Looking at his track-record, the chances of that happening are not that reliable. He has often shown his breakthroughs via videos but has not made any jailbreak tool public.

Pangu, on the other hand, has kept silent despite belief that the Chinese hacking group reportedly has an iOS 10 jailbreak ready for deployment. One was shown back at the MOSEC 2016 in July though the only crack they were able to come out with was iOS 9.3.3.

Either way, Todesco, and Pangu find themselves racing for a possible iOS 10 jailbreak release. The version may vary but seeing one out in the open is the only thing that matters, particularly for the Apple Jailbreaking Community.

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